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Movie Lessons for ESL and EFL

Movies Grow English appreciates hearing from fellow ESL and EFl professionals as well as students who share an interest in exploring ways of using movies to grow English.

• Please recommend Whole Movies you would like to find on this site. Movies which are popular, entertaining, and language-rich that take us to "another time, another place, another lifestyle" are of particular value.

• Please suggest Short-Sequences which contain 3-5 characters, useful vocabulary and a dramatic or super-funny moment.

• If you're an ESL or EFL material developer, please consider publishing your own Whole-Movie or Short-Sequence lessons on MoviesGrowEnglish. Yours could be material of similar format and content, or your own great ideas.

• Please share suggestions that you feel would make Movies Grow English a better website. All contributions are appreciated. Published contributions are attributed to their author. The address is:
my e-mail address

You are invited to register at the FORUM, www.MoviesGrowEnglish.com/forum and post your ideas about ESL and movies. Before registering (which only takes a minute), please read the brief Welcome Message. It contains an important piece of information (to reduce spam).

Thanks. --mike