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Links to ESL/EFL and Movie Industry Sites
at Movies Grow English

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ESL, EFL & Academic Learning Links

Academic Word List (570 essential root forms for learners of Academic English)
American Language Center
(UCLA, California, USA)
California Institute of Technology (California, USA)
CATESOL 2015 - Movies Grow English (theme: Technology through the Ages)
Dave's ESL Cafe (The yo-daddy of all ESL websites)
English Learning Fun (Free English Lessons from Adam Rado at UCLA Extension)
ESL Notes (A Pioneer Movie-Lesson Website)
ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans
(Low-cost English lessons by Paul Hamel)
Film English (Kieran Donaghy builds ESL Lessons around Indie Short Films)
Learn English Kids (British Council ESL for Young Learners)
Lexipedia (The coolest dictionary ever)
Newspapers of the world (So informative)
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab (Graded online listening exercises)
Santa Monica College ESL
(California, USA)
Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition (English and Spanish)
USC International Academy
(University of Southern California)
USC School of Cinematic Arts (University of Southern California)
Urban Dictionary (Slang, idioms blog)
Vocabulary Myths: Applying Second Language Research To Classroom Teaching (Keith Folse 2005)
Voice of America, Special English (Newz 4 uze)

Movie Industry Sites for ESLHero's Journey

Internet Movie Database (Power to the people who love movies)
MTV Movies (Take me to the edge)
Leonard Maltin (Legendary movie critic)
Roger Ebert (Another legendary movie critic, 1942-2013)
Movie Jungle (Get the buzz)
Movie Review Query Engine (Get the newz)
The Oscars (Show Hollywood your respect)
The American Film Institute (Discover the legacy of movies)
Fandango (USA, movie times and places)
Moviefone (Everything movies)
Netflix (USA, easy-access movies)
Blockbuster (USA, easy-access movies)
Redbox (USA, easy-access movies) (Own movies at a great price) (looking for great movie monologues?)

Friends of Movies Grow English

Saudi Dates image for Movies Growe English, ESL lessonsBasateen Hajer Factory-for Dates (the best dates shipped directly from Kingdom of Saudia Arabia)

Movie Handouts & Resources for ESL (.pdf format)

Movie Terms (An inside look at movie construction)
Oral Review Guidelines ( Class presentations made easy)
Oral Review Guidelines, TV (Class presentations made easy)
PowerPoint Do's & Dont's (For class presentations)
Top Ten Movie Quotes ( Test your knowledge)
Movie Web Sites (Five useful sites on one handout)
Whole-Movie Assessments (A-K) (Ready-made for testing)
Whole-Movie Assessments (L-Z) (Ready-made for testing)

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