ESL Whole-Movie Assessments for Movies Grow English

Whole-Movie Assessments

In Classroom Guidelines on the menu bar, there is a discussion of my views on Assessments and Grading, especially when using movie-based ESL lessons in the classroom. For each whole-movie ESL lesson at Movies Grow English, there are five sample assessment-questions. The first, third, and fifth questions focus on vocabulary in context. The second and forth questions focus on story comprehension. Preference is usually given to academic words. Most questions test for not only what is correct, but also what is NOT correct. Thus, each question is able to get a sense of understanding for several items at once. All of the assessments are found in PDF format on the two links directly below. The PDF versions include more images designed to enhance the viewing experience. You are invited to use these questions as you like.

Whole-Movie Assessments (A-K).pdf
Whole-Movie Assessments (L-Z).pdf

Assessments in HTML
Choose the best answer according to the movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey

It means before.
a) preliminary
b) prior
c) temporary
d) row

On the space station, what secret does Dr. Floyd not tell the Russians?
a) There is an epidemic on the moon.
b) Hal has malfunctioned.
c) A sign of intelligence has been discovered on the moon.
d) He and his wife are getting a divorce.

It means sure.
a) conclusive
b) straightforward
c) temporary
d) successful

Why do Frank and Dave go into C-Pod.
a) To fix a transmitter.
b) To replace the faulty radio box.
c) To see if Hal can hear them.
d) To talk about Hal’s strange behavior.

I just can’t "put my finger on it" means:
a) jeopardise it
b) risk it
c) appreciate it
d) understand it


Noah's Ark image for ESL lesson assessment for the film 2012A check for correctness is a/an *** .
a) assessment
b) conspiracy
c) conference
d) affirmative 

What is Jackson Curtis' relationship with his wife?
a) Everything's good.
b) She has a new man friend.
c) He can't see his kids.
d) He is happy to be separated.

If you see illegal activity at work, you might *** .
a) hang out
b) converge
c) connect the dots
d) blow the whistle

What kind of vehicles are the escape ships?
a) arks
b) sailing ships
c) rocket ships
d) aircraft carriers

It means moral responsibility.
a) validity
b) sham
c) obligation
d) endeavor


Jill's father is long gone.
a) far away
b) crazy
c) dead
d) gone a long time

Why does Ben agree to join the Vegas team?
a) He's greedy.
b) He needs tuition for medical school at M.I.T.
c) He likes Professa Rosa.
d) None of the above.

In Vegas, each team member has a pseudonym.
a) fake name
b) style of card play
c) stretch limo
d) disguise

What does Ben probably get at the end of his Vegas experience?
a) nothing
b) the Robinson Scholarship to Harvard
c) winner of the 2.0.9 competition
d) a perfect G.P.A.

Monkey (in Blackjack)
a) a Jack
b) a Queen
c) a King
d) all three 

Across the Universe

Max and Jude seem clean-cut to Sadie.
a) conservative
b) dubious
c) gorgeous
d) slick

Why does Jude come to America?
a) to join the revolution
b) to avoid the draft
c) go to college
d) to find his father

Intermediate-Level ESL textbook cover for whole-movie lessons at Movies Grow EnglishThe bottom line
a) shagger
b) small idea
c) bunking down
d) important point

Jude goes back to England because he...
a) wants to visit his mother
b) needs to work in the shipyard
c) can sit on a cornflake
d) is deported

The party's boring.  Let's *** .
a) chill out
b) split
c) jump ship
d) meander

Adjustment Bureau

When you listen secretly you *** .
a) scuff up
b) booby trap
c) overdose
d) eavesdrop

What is Elise’s occupation?
a) politician
b) news reporter
c) singer
d) ballet dancer

Official rules and procedures are called *** .
a) accretion
b) traction
c) substrate
d) protocol

What do the hats do?
a) nothing
b) adjust the time
c) slow down time
d) open doors

To waste time or resources is to *** .
a) deviate
b) booby trap
c) squander
d) fawn over

Almost Famous

John Lennon and Yoko Ono for ESL lesson for the film Almost FamousAccording to William, Russell’s guitar playing is *** .
a) incendiary
b) promiscuous
c) buzz
d) almost famous                                  

That *** loves all the boys in the band.
a) narc
b) piggy back ride
c) buffoon
d) groupie

Another word for main idea is the *** .
a) exploit
b) intercourse
c) speed
d) gist

You worry too much.  Don’t *** !
a) speed
b) buzz
c) blow this berg
d) flip out

The guitar player is mysterious.  He has *** .
a) roots
b) mystique
c) acid
d) cliff notes

American Beauty

To save money we sometimes *** .
a) screw up
b) cut corners
c) placate
d) work out

Who says, “Do you party?”
a) Ricky
b) Lester
c) Janie
d) Angela

A good person is *** .
a) benevolent
b) nuts
c) top of the line
d) contemptuous

Pick your brain means
a) choose your intellect
b) whack off
c) don’t rain on my parade
d) interview

It means your area of influence
a) role model
b) cut to the chase
c) bread winner
d) turf

American History X

hang out with friends
a) put clothes outside to dry
b) execute a prisoner
c) relax
d) incarcerated

Danny tries to...
a) help Derek be a better person
b) be a good student
c) play basketball
d) copy Derek's bad habits

When Derek speaks, everyone eats it up.
a) knows the drill
b) gets the shaft
c) believes him
d) makes a killing

Derek *** teacher Murray.
a) hates
b) admires
c) sends up
d) takes advice from

An unspoken condition
a) chow
b) the joint
c) hidden agenda
d) piece of cake

Argo image for ESL worksheet to learn EnglishArgo

No alternative means no *** .
a) function
b) opulence
c) opposite
d) choice

The Shaw was forced out of Iran by a *** .
a) coup d'état
b) Kiwi
c) demonstration
d) sanction

The Canadians were concerned that the housekeeper was a/an *** .
a) snitch
b) complement
c) shredder
d) oddball

Why do the seven Americans go to the Bazaar?
a) to shop
b) to pretend to scout for a movie location
c) to escape
d) to make Argo

To succeed, the Americans needed a/n *** cover.
a) flamboynt
b) authentic
c) plausable
d) primary 

The Artist

I'll "make it up" to you.
a) make it better
b) use sound
c) apologize
d) tell the truth

How does Peppy get her start in the movies?
a) She gets a dancing role.
b) She gets her picture taken.
c) George helps her.
d) Studio boss, Zimmer gives her a break.

Soon Peppy was the toast of the town.  Everyone. . .
a) respected her.
b) wanted to be her.
c) loved her.
d) envied her.

Why doesn't George accept Peppy's help?
a) He has too much pride.
b) There is a stock market crash.
c) He goes bust.
d) He's washed up.

Demand money to keep a secret.
a) clutch
b) pawn
c) blackmail
d) shoot


The local natives on Pandora are *** .
a) indigeneous
b) grunts
c) jarheads
d) shareholders

How does Jake agree to help Colonel Quaritch?
a) spy on the Na'vi
b) look for unobtainium
c) do research on the natives
d) plant trees

By getting close to the tree people, Jake shows **** .
a) cheddar
b) his pie hole
c) initiative
d) shock-and-awe

How does Neytiri use her father's bow to save Jake?
a) She kills Colonel Quaritch.
b) She kills the black cat (Thanator).
c) She builds a fire.
d) She frees him from jail.

The act of dying for a cause.
a) falling back
b) calibrate
c) decant
d) martyrdom

The Avengers

The Avengers poster for ESL assessments for the Whole-Movie lessonTo verify:
a) elect
b) initiate
c) proceed
d) confirm

What does Loki want?
a) world domination
b) potential initiative
c) to protocol the Tesseract
d) to subjugate Asgard

*** cars can be seen in old movies.
a) perimeter
b) vintage
c) network
d) futile

What is the Avengers initiative?
a) Don't order a nuclear strike against civilians.
b) To see if they could work together when we need them.
c) To crave subjugation.
d) To challenge and defeat the Chitauri.

Give me a break.
a) Put me in the movies.
b) Stop hurting me.
c) It's like fish in a barrel.
d) Let's compromise.

A Beautiful Mind

The ability to change and improve is to be *** .
a) adequate
b) innovative
c) catastrophic
d) empirical

Who is Charles Herman?
a) John Nash's new roommate
b) a hallucination
c) John Nash's best friend
d) A classmate

Water is *** from hydrogen and oxygen (H2O).
a) derived
b) abandoned
c) isolated
d) released

How does Marcee, the young girl illusion, help John realize he is ill?
a) She tells him.
b) She disappears.
c) She never ages.
d) She reveals herself to Dr. Rosen.

A *** disease gets worse with time.
a) delusional
b) degenerative
c) vanguard
d) prodigal

Black Hawk Down

The U.N. is in Somalia to *** in the famine.
a) kick some ass
b) intervene
c) deploy
d) evac

a) undernourished
b) Delta Force
c) clan
d) medical condition

a) Delta Force
b) civilian soldiers
c) elite
d) cowboy

a) suicide
b) murder
c) epileptic
d) ethnic cleansing

A person who only sees the good in people.
a) mate
b) idealist
c) elite
d) dude

Black Swan

Black swan profile reflected in the water for ESL lesson for the film Black SwanA planned dance sequence is called *** .
a) prologue
b) choreography
c) metamorphosis
d) pas de quatre

In Swan Lake, which is Nina’s challenge?  She must...
a) kill Lily.
b) learn to become the black swan.
c) take a magic drug.
d) become like Beth.

A beautiful and delicate dance is *** .
a) yummy
b) exquisite
c) tops
d) warm and fuzzy

In the final performance, who does Nina stab?
a) Lily
b) herself
c) Thomas
d) her mother

A sudden change for the better is called a *** .
a) wet dream
b) bottoms up
c) fouetté
d) breakthrough

Blood Diamond

Photo of world's largest diamond for ESL lesson for the film, Blood DiamondA new idea can *** from an old idea.
a) prohibit
b) create
c) exploit
d) emerge

In prison, what does Archer learn from Commander Zero?
a) how to smuggle diamonds into Liberia
b) that Vandy can locate a big diamond
c) that Vandy's family is at the U.N. camp
d) nothing
It means proof of identity.
a) kumbaya
b) coordinates
c) certify
d) credential

How does Danny Archer finally get out of Africa?
a) by plane
b) with Maddy's help
c) by selling the diamond
d) by dying on the side of a mountain

That idea never *** to me.
a) occurred
b) minded
c) imagined
d) anticipated 

Blue Crush

Which day of the week is hump day?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Friday

Where is Anne Marie's mother?
a) Hawaii
b) Las Vegas
c) California
d) Minnesota

a) very important person
b) vision is perfect
c) venom in pink
d) versed in passion

What happens to Anne Marie at the pipe masters contest?
a) She wins.
b) She bangs her head.
c) She is disqualified.
d) She makes the cover of Surf Magazine.

A person who says one thing but does another is a *** .
a) double overhead
b) hypocrite
c) pimp
d) bro

Assessments for The Book of Life - ESL lesson at Movies Grow English 
The Book of Life

Young Maria's father decides to send her ***.
a) to a labyrinth
b) banished
c) abroad
d) destination

Why does Manolo enter the Land of the Remembered?
a) Xibalba tricks him.
b) He wants to reunite with Maria.
c) He wants to see Carmen, his mother.
d) All of the above.

At first, when Manolo arrives in the Land of the Remembered he feels ***.
a) retrieved
b) captivated
c) disoriented
d) quaint

Manolo enter the Land of the Forgotten to find . . .
a) the Sanchez bullfighters
b) Maria
c) the Candle maker
d) La Muerte

Maria thinks that Jaoquin's sometimes bad behavior is ***.
a) awesome
b) uncalled for
c) allergic
d) selfless

Bowling for Columbine

The car is a rip off.
a) torn away
b) close knit
c) too expensive
d) hollow point

His story seemed plausible at first
a) makes you think carefully
b) believable
c) snug as a bug
d) lax
Spiderman arrived in the nick of time.
a) late
b) early
c) almost too late
d) on time

Everyone in the jury bought his story.
a) believed
b) paid for
c) doubted
d) listened to

Michael Moore is a member of the *** .
a) Ku Klux Klan
b) NRA
c) Quakers
d) Dick Clark Enterprise

Bringing Down the House

The false evidence against Charlene is all *** .
a) flexible
b) disarray
c) at large
d) circumstantial

How does Peter Sanderson plan to get the Virginia Arness account?
a) Howie and Charlene will kidnap her.
b) He won't charge her for the first service.
c) He will show her how stable his family is.
d) Spider will help him.

After looking everywhere, it suddenly *** that I put my keys in the the glove box of my car.
a) kicked it off the heezy and bounced
b) expunged
c) dawned on me
d) snapped out of it

What saves Charlene from Spider's bullet?
a) the titanium cellphone
b) William Shakespeare causes Spider to miss.
c) Mrs. Arness throws a chair at Spider.
d) Howie pulls Spider to the floor.

Kate, Peter's ex-wife, still *** him in a strong way.
a) dismisses
b) identifies
c) affects
d) rolls over on


Before coming to America, Eilis had a feeling of *** .
a) consent
b) despair
c) condolence
d) giddiness

How is Eilis able to emmigrate to America?
a) Nettles Kelly fires her.
b) Father Flood sponsers her.
c) She secretely marries Tony.
d) Master Kehoe has a vacancy at her bording house.

To start a business, you might require a/an *** .
a) gooseberry
b) investor
c) prodeeding
d) reservation

At what point does Eilis decide to return to America?
a) At the beach with Jim Farrell
b) During Nancy’s wedding
c) When she opens Tony’s letters
d) When Miss Kelly reveals that she knows Eilis is married

Superheroes usually wear a *** to hide their identity.
a) textile
b) rasher
c) blazer
d) disguise


Route 66 poster for the film Cars, ESL lessonLightning McQueen is a rookie.
a) chess piece
b) professional
c) new
d) lucky

What is Rust-Eze?
a) a helicoptor
b) a fuel
c) Lightning McQueen’s sponsor
d) backfire

I feel drowsy when I’m *** .
a) sleepy
b) a runner up
c) blowing a gasket
d) tipping tractors

What does McQueen promise Mater (the tow truck)?
a) not to run away
b) to fix the road
c) a helicoptor ride
d) good riddance

a) angry
b) keeps trying
c) aggressive
d) shrimpie


Rick doesn’t take sides. 
He’s *** .
a) isolationist
b) snobbish
c) neutral
d) cynical

What does Ugarte give Rick to hide?
a) two plane tickets
b) a bottle of French wine
c) the letters of transit
d) caviar

When you *** you achieve your goal
a) abscond
b) succeed
c) rescind
d) interfere

How does Ilsa probably feel about Victor Laszlo?
a) She’s in love with him.
b) She thinks he’s a loser.
c) She admires him but isn’t in love with him.
d) He’s not as brave and admirable as Rick.

To speculate is to *** .
a) look carefully
b) underestimate
c) guess
d) elude

Charley Wilson's War

Charley Wilson's war in Afghanistan was a covert operation.
a) imperative
b) foregone
c) intervention
d) clandestine

Why does Charley initiate a covert operation in Afghanistan?
a) Gust Avrakotos shows him how to do it.
b) Joanne Herring encourages him to get on board.
c) Doc Long agrees to appropriate the funds
d) Zia of Pakistan shows Charlie the refugee camps in Peshawar.

Officially, there was no U.S. *** in the Afghan War with Russia.
a) jurisdiction
b) intervention
c) fornication
d) administration

The Soviets become *** when the Afghans
shoot down their helicopters.
a) vanquished
b) neutralized
c) impotent
d) all of the above

                                                   Charley Wilson (1933-2010)

Before Charley Wilson's war, the U.S. is accused  of *** .
a) casting aspersions
b) having its hat in hand
c) fence sitting
d) turning the trick


Roy ChoiA part owner of a business has a *** in its success.
a) vested interest
b) definition
c) vocation
d) ramekin

Why does Chef Casper leave the Gauloises restaurant?
a) Boss Rivas fires him.
b) He decides to buy a food truck.
c) Rivas won't let him cook what he wants.
d) Critic Ramsey Michel humiliates him.

When a YouTube video becomes super-popular it goes ***.
a) promote
b) viral
c) premium
d) revelatory

How does the relationship between Chef Casper and Percy (his son) change?
a) It doesn't change.
b) They bury the hatchet.
c) Percy prefers to go back to his mother.
d) Percy and Casper learn to appreciate each other.

If your credit card is *** , maybe you're spending too much
a) risottoed
b) maxed out
c) 86ed
d) purchased

Christmas Vacation

The *** caused by all those Christmas lights is astonishing.
a) jargon
b) lubricant
c) illumination
d) cholesterol

Why don’t the Christmas lights on the house work?
a) There are too many.
b) Some of the bulbs are broken.
c) The switch in the basement is turned off.
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:GriswoldHouse.jpgd) The corny reservation flatters
   the enduring Penzoil.

When having an auto repair, you need
a reliable *** .
a) extension cord
b) rain check
c) estimate
d) allegiance

What is Clark’s most important discovery in this story?
a) Don’t put so many lights on the house.
b) Everybody is family.
c) He finds his personal meaning of Christmas.
d) Be more understanding of your boss.

When you purchase a plane ticket, they will provide you with a/an *** .
a) baguette
b) estimate
c) reservation
d) hassle

Chronicles of RiddickThree-heachronicles Riddick ESL

Love and hate are examples of *** emotions.
a) neocortex
b) diabolical
c) primitive
d) flawless

Toombs wants Riddick because . . .
a) Toombs works for Lord Marshal.
b) Riddick is an escaped criminal.
c) Imam will pay Toombs a lot of money for Riddick.
d) Toombs wants to convert Riddick to the Necromonger way.

Pistachio nuts are prone to *** combustion when stored in large quantities.
a) threshold
b) quasi
c) spontaneous
d) differential

Riddick's eyes are polished because . . .
a) he is able to control animals.
b) it makes him more handsome.
c) he spent a lot of time in dark prisons.
d) he is a Furyan.

A/an *** diamond has perfect clarity when viewed under 10x magnification.
a) flawless
b) hard-pressed
c) ravishing
d) undetected

Cloud Atlas

It is *** (easy) for Bill Smoke to kill Rufus Sixsmith.
a) convenient
b) extensive
c) fabricant
d) up to snuff

Cloud Atlas tells how many stories?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

The time and place of Neo Seoul is
its *** .
a) context
b) gimmick
c) cycle
d) convention

Face collage for the film Cloud Atlas in support of the assessments for the ESL lessonWhat is the Cloud Atlas Sextet?
a) a secret document about Swannakke nuclear plant
b) a music composition by Robert Frobisher
c) another name for the movie
d) the six who escape Aurora House (including Timothy Cavendish)

Zachry and Meronym worked together in *** .
a) mensch
b) covenant
c) catechism
d) collaboration


The mysterious signal is *** from space.
a) stalling
b) self reinforcing
c) benign
d) emanating

Ellie Arroway is *** astronomy.
a) mollified from
b) hooked on
c) little green men
d) grandstanding

a) intellectual
b) crazy
c) a kind of toy
d) ET

S.R. Haddeen is *** .
a) a man of the cloth                     
b) a trojan horse
c) 26 light years away        
d) altruistic towards Ellie

David Drumlin is good at *** .
a) empirical evidence
b) vindication                          
c) self-reinforcing delusions
d) grandstanding


Dr. Jonas Salk on cover of Time magazine for ESL movie lesson for the film, ContagionWhen you catch a cold, you *** a virus.
a) contract
b) screen
c) disclose
d) sequence

How does Beth Emhoff get MEV-1 in Hong Kong?  From...
a) the restaurant food
b) shaking hands
c) her friends at the table
d) the chef

When you are in the dark about a situation, you
a) don't know the answer.
b) can't see.
C) are hiding from it.
d) are under quarantine.

What is Forsythia?                   
a) an ornamental flower
b) an alternative cure for MEV-1
c) a homeopathic remedy
d) the only cure for MEV-1

In the end, blogger, Alan Krumwiede had no *** .
a) credibility
b) triage
c) incubation
d) placebo       

Cowboys & Aliens

Settle up means:
a) get on your horse
b) pay what you owe
c) fight
d) none of the above

What crime(s) has Jake Lonergan committed?
a) murder
b) bank robery
c) mayhem
d) all of the above

John Wayne photo for ESL film lesson for the movie Cowboys and AliensIt means the center.
a) West point
b) core
c) brand
d) hoosegow

Why do the aliens want gold?
a) The movie doesn't say.
b) To power their ship.
c) It's their food.
d) To build weapons.

The aliens *** the intelligence of the cowboys.
a) despise
b) cauterize
c) underestimate
d) proposition


Christina *** to officer John Ryan when he stops her car.
a) mouths off
b) ducks
c) articulates
d) patronizes

film stripWhat does Jean Cabot (D.A.'s wife) think of the locksmith?
a) He's going to give her house key to a criminal.
b) He has a wonderful family.
c) He's her best friend.
d) His tattoos are cool.

Some people can't keep their hands out of the *** .
a) cookie jar
b) voodoo
c) ammunition
d) impenetrable cloak

a) Health Maintenance Organization
b) Help Me Out
c) Heavy Metal Operation
d) Harsh Meaning Oration

What kind of bullets are in the gun fired by Mr. Galzairi?
a) hollow point
b) silver
c) frangible
d) blank

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

You learn this from your parents and your grandparents.
a) destiny
b) tradition
c) manual
d) infinite

Why does Mu Bai give the Destiny Sword to Sir Te?
a) They're best friends.
b) Shu Lien asks him to
c) Mu Bai is retiring.
d) He owes Master Te a favor.

Master Te resides in Beijing.
a) He is a tourist.
b) He is visiting his relatives.
c) Beijing is his home.
d) He is a prisoner.

Why can't the policeman look for the Destiny Sword in Jen's home?
a) He needs evidence.
b) She is a princess.
c) Her father is governer.
d) The Jade Fox would kill the policeman.

Punctual means:
a) consumate
b) innocent
c) on time
d) secure

Dark City

Argentina was favored at the FIFA 2014 World Cup, but Germany *** and won its fourth title.
a) prevailed
b) focused
c) revised
d) commenced

The Strangers *** John Murdoch because he is able to tune.
a) process
b) adapt
c) refine
d) seek

Horror movies are *** of giving people the heebie-jeebies.
a) capable
b) illusion
c) telepathic
d) subtle

The str angers have a/an *** to water and strong light.
a) phobia
b) aversion
c) delusion
d) paranoia

*** behavior includes good manners, respect, and kindness.
a) erratic
b) appropriate
c) consistent
d) fastidious

The Dark Knight

Persons who are guilty of murder are said to *** .
a) have liquid courage
b) have blood on their hands
c) be above the law
d) be the fall guy

How did The Joker get his “smile” scars?
a) He keeps changing the story, so we don’t know.
b) His father did it when he was drunk.
c) His girlfriend did it.
d) His dog mauled him.

If you believe in supernatural cause, you may be *** .
a) superstitious
b) taking a leak
c) a vigilante
d) crossing the line

What does the Joker want Batman to do?
a) kill Rachel
b) blow up one of the ferry boats
c) take off his mask
d) free the mob from prison

To abduct is to *** .
a) put on hold
b) play it close to the chest
c) blow away
d) kidnap


Dead Poets Society

The Four Pillars at Welton Academy are basic *** .
a) principles
b) traditions
c) administrations
d) themes
Whose idea is it to reconvene the
Dead Poets Society?
a) Neil's
b) Mr. Keating's
c) Charlie "Ruwanda's"
d) Todd's

Charlie is *** from Welton because
he refuses to sign the document.
a) expelled
b) ridiculed
c) butted out
d) invoked

What lie does Neil tell John Keating about the play?
a) He is going to tell his father how he feels about acting.
b) He told his father how he feels about acting.
c) His father is coming to see him in the play.
d) His father wants him to be a doctor.

Todd Anderson seems *** shy because he has a hard time overcoming his shyness.
a) traditionally
b) uniquely
c) thoroughly
d) inherently

Deep Blue Sea

Alzheimer's disease
a) affects the memory especially in old age
b) is a cancer
c) is very rare
d) does not exist in the real world

To make the experiment, Dr. McAlister needs to
a) make the sharks' brains larger
b) make the sharks larger
c) kill the sharks
d) inject human protien into the sharks
Skeleton crew
a) dead workers
b) night-time workers
c) lazy workers
d) a tiny work crew

Don't get carried away.
a) too enthusiastic
b) washed out to sea
c) sexually attracted to someone
d) caught in a storm

Classical music doesn't hold a candle to hip-hop.
a) is too dark
b) has no rhythm
c) is not as good as
d) has no flame

The Descendants

HibiscuWhile on a boat, Matt's wife, Elizabeth, has a/an *** accident.
a) devastating
b) relentless
c) determined
d) ironic

Why does Matt want to find Brian Speer?
a) He wants Brian to say goodbye to his wife, Elizabeth.
b) He wants to know if Elizabeth loved Brian.
c) He wants to know if Brian loved Elizabeth.
d) all of the above.

A better-paying job can help to *** .(idioms)
a) keep your head above water
b) have a lot on your plate
c) knock you out
d) have bigger fish to fry

In the end, the main reason Matt does not sign the sales document is probably *** .
a) He believes Brian Speer will not say goodbye to his wife.
b) He respects his ancestors and the people of Hawaii.
c) He doesn't want Brian to make money from the sale.
d) all of the above

In Hawaii, when a person does you a favor, you say *** .
a) mahalo
b) holoholo
c) aloha
d) all of the above

Devil Wears Prada

a) immoral
b) necessary
c) willing to lose your job
d) mysterious

Describe Miranda Priestly in one word.
a) humorous
b) humble
c) kind
d) ruthless

Where is the best place to find cheap clothing?
a) Paris
b) dacquoise
c) clearance bin
d) Beverly Hills

What does Andy really want to be?
a) journalist
b) editor of Runway
c) model
d) English teacher

When you first enter a building, you may be in the ***?
a) tortes
b) compote
c) foyer
d) freesia 

Donnie Brasco

The more Nicky was teased, the more *** he became.
a) glomming
b) injected
c) aggravated
d) whacked

How does Donnie Brasco first impress Lefty?
a) He recognizes a fake diamond.
b) He gets Lefty a car.
c) The guy at the barbershop knows Donnie.
d) all of the above

A/an *** request must be handled immediately.
a) urgent
b) strung out
c) catechism
d) skipper

Why does Lefty think that Donnie might be an FBI Agent?
a) He refuses to take off his shoes in the Japanese restaurant.
b) The police find out about the King's Court in Florida.
c) He makes friends with Trafficante on "The Left hand".
d) none of the above

I know what you're doing.  You can't *** .
a) get off on the right foot.
b) pull the wool over my eyes.
c) snitch.
d) lose your marbles.


Have happy memories
a) bliss
b) reminisce
c) whim
d) swoon

Poster for the film, Enchanted, for ESL film lessonWhen do Edward and Giselle plan to marry?
a) in a month
b) the day after they meet
c) after Queen Narissa grants permission
d) in one year

Fit as a fiddle means
a) Kumbaya
b) melodramatic
c) tidy
d) healthy

How does Gizelle change?
a) She becomes sad.
b) She chooses to live in our world.
c) She dies.
d) She marries Pip.

When everyone helps finish the job, they *** .
a) plot
b) stamper
c) pitch in
d) fetch

Erin Brockovich

I have had too much to eat.  I’m *** .
a) like a bat out of hell
b) stuffed
c) take you up on it
d) pro bono

She has been sick for a long time.  She has a *** illness.
a) stuffed
b) get laid
c) straight up
d) chronic

It’s too noisy.  Please *** .
a) keep it down
b) get laid
c) take you up on it
d) come on to

That student is so arrogant.  He’s really *** .
a) stuffed
b) on the prowl
c) straight up
d) stuck up

That *** is pretty strong evidence.
a) binding arbitration
b) jaws dropped
c) meal ticket
d) smoking gun

The Expendables

I *** all your help.
a) snuff
b) cooperate
c) create
d) appreciate

Why does Barney Ross return to Vilena?
a) to kill James Munroe
b) to rescue animals
c) to kill General Garza
d) to rescue Sandra

A general plan of action is called a/an *** .
a) expendable
b) schedule
c) strategy
d) contraction

What is Yin Yang’s specialty?
a) martial arts
b) knives
c) heavy weapons
d) demolition

The amount of payment is the *** .
a) accurate
b) fee
c) resource
d) scheme

Falling Down

Something we are required to do is *** .
a) discriminating
b) high strung
c) obligatory
d) none of the above

Where is the London Bridge?
a) Arizona
b) Nevada
c) London
d) Saudi Arabia

I've got something up my sleeve.
a) a surprise
b) a bird
c) nothing
d) a collar

A Vigilante has no legal authority. 
She or he is a...
a) watchful person
b) private-citizen police
c) retired police officer
d) against waiting

He is such a prick.
a) a small hole
b) feel a sharp sensation
c) feeling of distress
d) unhelpful person

Finding Nemo

Collage of fish characters for the film, Finding Nemo for the ESL lesson of the same name at Movies Grow EnglishBath water usually *** down the drain.
a) twirls
b) extracts
c) hurls
d) jams

What kind of fish are Nemo and
a) anglerfish
b) starfish
c) clownfish
d) anemonefish

There is never a *** of cookies
and ice cream.
a) tentacle
b) vortex
c) surplus
d) chamber

How does Dory save Marlin's life (Nemo's dad)?
a) She frees him from the fish net.
b) She remembers the dentist's address.
c) From inside the whale, she talks to it.
d) She introduces him to Crush, the sea turtle.

To exit the East Australian Current, Dory and Marlin need to learn proper exiting *** .
a) rundown
b) technique
c) reception
d) cross section

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

You need to pump the brakes.
a) stop your car
b) bail out
c) slow down and think
d) hone in on your problem

Why does Sarah leave Peter?
a) They've grown apart.
b) She meets Aldous Snow.
c) Peter doesn't take care of himself.
d) All of the above

Perpetual motion is *** .
a) wiki wiki
b) never ending
c) innappropriate
d) mundane

Why does Sarah return to Peter?
a) Her show is cancelled.
b) Aldous leaves her.
c) She realizes she made a mistake.
d) All of the above

Nobody recognizes Sarah because she is traveling *** .
a) lothario
b) incognito
c) mahalo
d) modesto

Forrest Gump

A redneck is a *** .
a) principal
b) white lie
c) white farmer
d) slogan

How does Forrest Gump become a military hero?
a) He saves several men in his platoon.
b) He saves Bubba.
C) He speaks at the Washington Monument.
d) He plays ping-pong.

Our natural world.
a) environment
b) bounty
c) destiny
d) economics

Why does Forrest Gump buy a shrimp boat?
a) to see Lieutenant Dan again
b) to make a lot of money
c) to meet John Lennon
d) to keep his promise to Bubba

“Have a Nice Day” is a
a) schedule
b) requisition
c) encounter
d) slogan

The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Andy's friends like to "hang out" at the bar.
a) chase girls
b) drink
c) relax and talk
d) all of the above

What is Andy's problem?
a) He has never been intimate with a woman.
b) Paula puts him on a pedastal.
c) He needs to extrapolate his commission.
d) At 40, he still is not celibate.

At the club, David feels "easily hurt".
a) wound up
b) tipsy
c) reticent
d) fragile

How is Andy able to pay for such a big wedding?
a) He sells all his toys.
b) Trish pays for it.
c) He becomes the top sales person at Smart Tech.
d) The guys all help him.

Try a new idea.
a) give it a shot
b) fill in
c) serenade
d) get it off your chest 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The doctor might give you medicine to *** the pain.
a. violate
b. meditate
c. aleviate
d. Oh yeah!

Where do Ferris and Cameron get the Ferrari?
a. from Cameron's dad
b. They steal it from the garage.
c. from Ferris' dad
d. They pinch it from Sloan's parents.

Don't tell me all the details.  What happened ***?
a. on the primrose path
b. if you yank my cord
c. in a nutshell
d. to cut that out

How do Ferris Bueller's parents find out about his day off?
a. Dean Rooney tells them.
b. He confesses.
c. They blow him away.
d. They don't.

The *** report says that more people are buying gifts this holiday season.
a. pinhead
b. consumer
c. reservation
d. hyper

The Founder

The floor *** had to be precise to facilitate foot traffic.
a) dimensions
b) environment
c) choreography
d) all of the above

What does Ray Kroc NOT like about the McDonald brothers’ plan?
a) Their service is too slow.
b) Their carhops are too slow.
c) Their menu is too big.
d) Their franchise plans are too slow.

With large success, the growth of the McDonald’s empire went ***
a) gang busters.
b) hand over fist.
c) great guns.
d) all of the above.

In the end, why must the McDonald brothers remove their name from their restaurant?
a) They don’t own the land.
b) They don’t own the franchise.
c) They’re not part of the corporation.
d) They don’t own the trademark.

The *** of the business was from hamburgers, soda, and fries.
a) generation
b) bulk
c) aim
d) concept

Anna and Ilsa from the Disney animation Frozen for Movies Grow English ESL lessonsFrozen

I don't want to be alone.  Can I *** with you?
a) swoon
b) conspire
c) pivot
d) tag along

Why does Elsa run away from the coronation?
a) Anna wants to marry Hans.
b) She is required to remove the gloves.
c) She is banished by Duke Weselton.
d) She loses control of her ice powers.

You seem to be telling the truth, but I'm ***
a) not buying it.
b) shut out.
c) elated.
d) preferable.

How is Anna saved by an act of selfless love?
a) Elsa saves her.
b) She saves herself.
c) Kristoff saves her.
d) Hans saves her.

*** writing is not smooth and graceful.
a) awkward
b) dubious
c) valiant
d) grave


Ancient time
a) barbarian
b) squabble
c) antiquity
d) commemorate

The ColeseumHow does Maximus become a gladiator?
a) Commodus forces him to do it.
b) He needs a new job.
c) He hopes to win the heart of Lucilla.
d) He is captured by slave traders.

What is a dishonest use of power?
a) temperance
b) sermonizing
c) corruption
d) coup

What does Commodus do to Maximus before their final struggle?
a) He steps on his foot.
b) He gives him thumbs down.
c) He stabs him.
d) He wishes him luck.

I’m not very hungry, so I’ll just *** on the pizza.
a) nibble
b) unleash
c) flatter
d) lament

Good Will Hunting

Before taking a big test, it's a good idea to *** on the earlier lesson material.
a) brush up
b) undermine
c) grindstone
d) pay attention

Why does Dr. Lambeau ask Sean to help Will?
a) Sean is from Southie.
b) The other doctors failed
c) Sean is an old friend.
d) All of the above

The court requires Dr. Lambeau to prepare a weekly *** of Will Hunting.
a) rapport
b) function
c) idiosyncrasy
d) evaluation

In the end, Will decides to . . .
a) take a job
b) drive to Stanford
c) go back to his old job
d) run away

The Great Debaters

Scene from The Great Debaters for whole-movie ESL lesson assessmentThe city planners *** a detailed proposition to save the
waterfront resorts.
a) intervened
b) riled up
c) optioned
d) devised

Why does Dr. Farmer pay too much for the pig he accidently kills?
a) He doesn't want to make trouble for his family.
b) He needs to endorse a check because he doesn't have cash.
c) He is late for the magna cum laude ceremony.
d) He wants to impress his son.

The Wiley debaters *** over the Harvard team.
a) nibbled
b) eroded
c) alternated
d) prevailed

Why can't Melvin Tolson attend the Harvard debate?
a) He is blacklisted.
b) He is censured.
c) He doesn't have per diem.
d) Sheriff Dozier will arrest him.

A successful course of action suggests that others *** .
a) catch their drift
b) follow suit
c) speak in tongues
d) stammer

Book cover for The Great Gatsby for the film ESL lesson of the same nameThe Great Gatsby

What time did the accident ***?
a) diminish
b) approach
c) recede
d) occur
Why does Gatsby make friends with Nick Carraway?
a) Daisy is Nick's second cousin.
b) Gatsby and Nick are next-door neighbors.
c) Nick likes Gatsby's parties.
d) Nick is all alone and needs a friend.

It is seldom easy to *** the truth.
a) conceal
b) implore
c) incline
d) dominate

Why does George Wilson decide to kill Gatsby? 
He believes . . .
a) Daisy killed Myrtle.
b) Gatsby killed Myrtle
c) Gatsby loved Myrtle.
d) Both b. and c.

When Howard Hughes died, his family couldn't agree on who would *** his money.
a) accompany
b) inherit
c) ransack
d) confirm

Groundhog Day

A large amount of snow can *** .
a) rise and shine
b) emerge
c) accumulate
d) pass away

How does Phil's attitude toward Ned Ryerson change?
a) It doesn't change.
b) Phil hates him more and more.
c) He buys Ned's insurance.
d) He gives Ned a groundhog.

Mosaic of I Love You, Man, Milliaon Dollar Baby, and Avatar for Movies Grow EnglishTo speak only the facts is to be *** .
a) objective
b) omnipotent
c) sharp as a tack
d) doozy

In the end, Phil and Rita decide . . .
a) never to return to Punxsutawney.
b) to get a pet groundhog.
c) to get married.
d) to rent a home in Punxsutawney.

It is not sensible to . . .
a) use a doggie bag.
b) throw caution to the wind.
c) rack your brains.
d) be versatle.

The Hangover

A mean joke is a/an
a) side effect
b) satchel
c) prank
d) gremlin

Why do the guys forget what they did the night before?
a) Alan drugged their drinks.
b) They drank too much alcohol.
c) They had too much fun.
d) They got into a fight with Mike Tyson

Out of line means
a) moving in front of others
b) gambling
c) need more money
d) breaking the rules

Where do the guys find Doug?
a) At Mike Tyson's house.
b) On the roof.
c) At a casino.
d) With the stripper.

Straight shooter
a) good with a gun
b) honest
c) likes to gamble
d) intensity shifter


The Qin Emperor may have *** Nameless' skill with a sword.
a) disquised
b) eluded
c) understimated
d) executed

What was the Qin Enmperor's plan?
a) to unite the seven kingdoms
b) to kill Nameless with a thousand
c) to die for China
d) to befriend Nameless

Fundamental means ***
a) about a good time
b) motivated
c) residue
d) basic

How does Nameless intend to kill the Emperor?
a) with the Emperor's sword
b) with his bare hands
c) with the help of Flying Snow
d) with a hidden sword

The Emperor *** in the Forbidden City.
a) refines
b) precedes
c) resides
d) eludes

Hidden Figures

In 1961, the Soviet space program was *** the American space program.
a) calling the shots on
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:MoviesGrowEnglish:_MGE-Root:Image:FilmShot:HiddenFigures:NASA.jpgb) beating the pants off of
c) on the same page as
d) a double-edged sword to

Prior to 1962, what kind of computers did NASA use?
a) IBM
b) Fortran
c) numerical
d) human

In order to attend top secret meetings, Katherine needed *** .
a) clearance
b) status
c) prototype
d) identification

Why was it so hard to bring a capsule safely out of orbit?
a) They didn’t have the math.
b) The heat shields were not reliable.
c) There were too many variables.
d) All of the above.

Bringing the capsule out of orbit requires changing the trajectory from a/an *** to a/an *** flight path.
a) displacement, coordinate
b) dynamic, prime
c) obsolete, stable
d) ellipse, parabola

Kool for Kidz book cover, collage of movie lesson covers for ESL film lessons at Movies Grow EnglishHigh Fidelity

Put events in the order they happen.
a) classified information
b) chronological
c) with a bullet
d) half past a monkey's ass

Why does Laura leave Rob?
a) He's afraid to commit.
b) He makes too many lists.
c) She hates the record store.
d) He meets Marie de Salle

I'll try it first.  I'll be the *** .
a) class warrior
b) guinea pig
c) geek
d) maggot

What is Barry's surprise talent?
a) He stops talking.
b) He has a girlfriend.   
c) He can sing
d) He can play guitar

a) increment
b) garden variety
c) gathered from different places     
d) sort things out


Sara might fear that Hitch wants to *** her with his tricks.
a) deceive
b) tank
c) sleaze
d) astound

What is Hitch’s job?
a) Marinator.
b) Legacy inspector.
c) Glutton for punishment.
d) Consultant.

Rain, snow, and clouds are examples of . . .
a) intervention
b) orchestration
c) manifestation
d) precipitation

How does Sara learn the truth about Hitch?
a) Casey tells her at the Speed date event.
b) Casey leads her to Vance Munson who tells her.
c) She finds out about Allegra and Albert.
d) Hitch finally confesses who he really is.

Marriage is a classic example of a *** .
a) train wreck
b) sitting duck
c) metaphor
d) commitment

Hotel Rwanda

A recently dead body is called a *** .
a) uisge beatha
b) cockroach
c) massacre
d) corpse

What does “chop down the
tall trees” mean?
a) just what is says
b) kill the Tutsis
c) get ready for war
d) kill the Hutus

A person who helps the enemy
is a *** .
a) broker
b) collaborator
c) marked man
d) vermin

Why do the European soldiers come to Hotel Mille Collines?
a) to rescue the Europeans and Americans
b) to make peace in Rwanda
c) to guard the hotel
d) to bring the children from Saint Francis Orphanage

An escape from a bad situation is called a/an *** .
a) ambush
b) exodus
c) reprisal
d) ceasefire

The Man in the Moon poster from GHugo

Scientists *** the details of a mystery.
a) tinker
b) display
c) investigate
d) design

What does the Station Inspector want to do with Hugo?
a) Put him in prison.
b) Send him to the orphanage.
c) Give him to his Uncle Claude.
d) Introduce him to Papa Georges.

It is *** to say “Thank you” when someone helps you.
a) disquieting
b) appropriate
c) uncouth
d) enigmatic

Before Georges Méliès made movies, he was a *** .
a) magician
b) toy salesman
c) Station Inspector
d) wizard

When we think of new ideas, we use our *** .
a) celluloid
b) masterpiece
c) zoetrope
d) imagination

The Hunger Games

Everybody cheered for the person not likely to win.
a) the underdog
b) the victor
c) the recruit
d) the cornucopia

How does Katniss get into the hunger game?
a) She is selected by Effie Trinket on Reaping Day.
b) She is randomly chosen like all the others.
c) She simply wants to play, so she is allowed.
d) She volunteers to replace her sister.

A person who is a parent figure and a teacher is a/an *** .
a) chandelier
b) martyr
c) mentor
d) sponsor

How do Katniss and Peeta both survive the game?
a) The single victor rule is suspended.
b) They eat the poison berries.
c) They threaten to kill themselves.
d) The two victor revision is revoked.

Peeta has a crush on Katniss.
a) He likes her.
b) He doesn't trust her.
c) He thinks she's fat.
d) All of the above. 

I Love You Man

He's not my boyfriend.  Our relationship is *** ?
a) freakazoid
b) pricey
c) platonic
d) golden

What is Peter's problem?
a) He needs a best man.
b) He's gay.
c) He has too many male friends.
d) His girlfriend doesn't trust him.

Do you ever play hooky?
a) don't go to school
b) ice skating game
c) go fishing
d) bust your balls

Why does Sidney want to borrow $8000?
a) to help Peter sell houses
b) to go to the Rush concert
c) to fix the man cave
d) for a wedding gift

Why don't you take a load off?
a) lose weight
b) break it off
c) wet your beak
d) relax


Make a mental picture.
a) audition
b) trace
c) imagine
d) perceive

Why does Cobb accept Saito's job offer?
a) He simply needs the money.
b) He doesn't want to wind up in limbo.
c) He wants to see his wife.
d) He wants to see his children.

When you act without full knowledge, you. . .
a) take a leap of faith.
b) appreciate your reconciliation.
c) are a stick in the mud.
d) kick in the defibrillator.

What does Fischer find in his father's safe?
a) a pinwheel
b) a will
c) nothing
d) a totem

How do you *** a word?
a) ambush
b) define
c) condescend
d) audition

Inside Out

Your first day of school is a/an *** memory because it is so important.
a) core
b) scenario
c) phase
d) inductive

When Joy looks at Riley's recent memory balls, how does she know that Riley is becomming sadder?
a) There are fewer new ones.
b) Most of them are blue.
c) Most of the old ones have fallen into the memory dump.
d) Actually, Joy cannot know this from the memory balls.

I'm hungry.  Where can we find a/an *** pizza?
a) killer
b) abstract
c) subtle
d) potential

What happens when Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong enter the Area of Abstract Thought?
a) They need a diversion.
b) Their consciousness expands.
c) Riley decides to run away.
d) They deconstruct.

*** combustion is when a fire starts with no external cause.
a) Negative
b) Data
c) Technical
d) Spontaneous

The Internship

To remain competitive, both Apple and Nokia use *** technology.
a) major
b) conventional
c) cutting edge
d) mojo

Google headquarters for the ESL movie lesson for the film, The InternshipWhy do Nick and Billy go to work at Google?
a) They lose their jobs as watch salesmen.
b) Whatever doesn't kill them will make them stronger.
c) Billy needs to get his wife back and Nick likes Dana.
d) They don't actually have jobs at Google yet.

*** means there is an even mix of gender, race, and nationality.
a) foreclosure
b) perimeter
c) diversity
d) fluency

Who is the headphone guy
(Mr. Anderson)?
a) Roger Chetty's boss
b) a very smart student
c) the widowmker
d) the tip of the iceberg

For Google help, Roger Chetty gives *** instructions to log on first.
a) behemoth
b) explicit
c) obsolete
d) compatible


When doctors tell Cooper he is 124 years old, they are not ***.
a) analyzing
b) perceiving
c) exaggerating
d) initiating

When schools change the history of the moon landing, this is a form of ***?
a) anomaly
b) trajectory
c) relativity
d) propaganda

The presence of Gargantua is
an unplanned *** .
a) complication
b) poltergeist
c) distortion
d) parameter

Which of the planets is probably hospitable?
a) Miller's water planet
b) Mann's ice planet
c) Edmunds' desert planet
d) None of the above

When Dr. Brand sees Murph transmitting to her dad for the first time, he feels like an *** .
a) irritant
b) intruder
c) auxiliary
d) event horizon

ESL Lessons at Movies Grow English


President Kim's terms for the interview are not *** .
a) despicable
b) controversial
c) negotiable
d) exaggerated

Why does Dave Skylark jump at the chance to interview Kim?
a) He wants to do serious journalism.
b) He wants to condescend President Kim.
c) He likes the terms of the interview.
d) Skylark Tonight will become more popular.

At the intervies, Kim is asked why he *** his citizens of food.
a) conducts
b) feeds
c) deprives
d) demeans

In the end, why does Sook remain in Korea?
a) To transmit information to America.
b) To win the propaganda war.
c) To influence her country's future.
d) She didn't really love Aaron.

Kim says that Americans are *** when they criticize his country.
a) totalitarian
b) incompetent
c) hypocritical
d) reclusive

Into the Wild

Chris McCandless is a footloose person.
a) needs a foot doctor
b) likes to dance
c) likes to travel
d) good soccer player

How does Chris lose the Datsun?
a) He removes the license plates.
b) Wayne Westerberg steals it.
c) He's caught in a flash flood.
d) He gives it to Oxfam.

Chris doesn't like hypocrites.
a) doctors
b) people who show off
c) people with false morals
d) pricks

How does Chris die?
a) Since he dies alone, no one knows for sure.
b) He eats poison berries.
c) He starves to death.
d) He commits suicide.

Ron Franz wonders if Chris has his head on his shoulder.
a) needs a head doctor
b) has his head on crooked
c) is thinking clearly
d) has his head off his shoulder

aintermediate-Level Whole-Movie lessons cover page for Movies Grow English, ESL lessons based on popular filmsThe Iron Giant

Does that “ring a bell?”
a) Is someone at the front door?
b) Does it help you remember?
c) Got it?!
D) Is it time for school?

How does Hogarth realize that the giant trusts him?
a) He hands Hogarth the on/off switch from the power station.
b) He fixes the train track.
c) He jumps into the lake.
d) He destroys the missile.

And all that that “implies”.
a) rationalizes
b) encounters
c) suggests
d) lures

Who gives the order to fire the missile?
a) the submarine captain
b) General Rogard
c) Kent Mansley
d) Dean

Don’t “wig out”.
a) wear fake hair
b) become a weapon
c) act crazy
d) no following

Iron Man

The highest point is the *** .
a) shrapnel
b) pinnacle
c) summa cum laude
d) platypus

Why does Tony Stark shut down the weapons division?
a) It’s not making money.
b) Obadiah says it’s a good idea.
c) Because of what he learns in Afghanistan.
d) Pepper Potts tells him to.

A big improvement is a *** .
a) speed bump
b) remnant
c) golden goose
d) breakthrough

What is the icing problem?
a) The suit freezes at high altitude.
b) How to make ice in the desert.
c) What to do about Pepper’s birthday cake.
d) None of the above.
When something is the opposite of what you expect, it is *** .
a) a bogey
b) ironic                              
c) a doozy
d) in the wings

It Happened One Night

Black and white photo, Migrant Mother(1936 Dorothea Lange) for the ESL lesson, whole-movie for the film, It Happened One NightHurry up.
a) Make it snappy.
b) Spill the beans.
c) Reverse the charges.
d) Get it through your head.

Why does Ellie run away from her father?
a) to be with King Westley
b) to be with Peter Warne
c) to get his money
d) to be free

It happened by coincidence.
a) palooka
b) smackers
c) privilege
d) chance

In the end, how much money does Peter want from Mr. Andrews?
a) none
b) $39.60
c) $10,000                                   
d) $1,000,000

Dyke's Auto Camb is a kind of *** .   
a) establishment     
b) racket
c) jamboree
d) credential

It's a Wonderful Life

Most important and basic truths are *** .
a) hectic
b) misappropriate
c) fundamental
d) shabby

What is George's big dream?
a) to travel
b) to run his father's business
c) to beat Henry Potter
d) to marry Mary

When you have your nose to the grindstone, you. . .
a) are lazy
b) are cocky
c) are at the end of your rope
d) work hard

How does Clarence, the angel, help George?
a) He saves the family business.
b) He gives George his wings.
c) He shows George why he is important.
d) He helps George leave Bedford Falls.

Exaggerate means:
a) panic
b) say more than the truth
c) guarantee
d) plan the details

John Carter

A precise measurement is *** .
a) technical
b) apparent
c) exact
d) consumate

Why does John Carter seem to have super abilities on Barsoom?
a) The air
b) The food
c) The gravity
d) It doesn't say

A/an *** is where you may reside.
a) anatomy
b) contingent
c) accommodatio
d) medallion

After John Carter marries Dejah, why does he return to Earth?
a) Matai Shang tricks him.
b) He needs to see his nephew, Edgar.
c) He is actually homesick.
d) His marriage is not approved by her father.

*** instructions are clearly written or stated.
a) remarkable
b) irrelevant
c) explicit
d) required

Lower-Level Whole-Movie ESL lessons cover for Movies Grow EnglishJurassic Park

Think carefully and give it your *** .
a) intelligence
b) consideration
c) contraction
d) automation

Why does John Hammond invite the scientists to Jurassic Park?
a) He needs them to endorse the park.
b) He wants them to meet his grandchildren.
c) He wants them to compile data on the animals.
d) He wants them to see how the dinosaurs evolved.

When things are not simple, they are *** .
a) finite
b) obvious
c) complex
d) inherent

Jurassic Park hints that
a) good science is good business.
b) dinosaurs can be controlled.
b) there should be more money for scientific research.
d) science should not tamper with nature.

A short time is *** .
a) appropriate
b) right up your alley
c) temporary
d) obvious

The King’s Speech

When people work together, they are *** .
a) wireless
b) to no avail
c) substantial
d) united

How do Lionel and Bertie meet?
a) Bertie’s wife finds Lionel in an advertisement.
b) By chance.
c) Bertie’s father, the King, introduces them.
d) Lionel’s wife, Myrtle,

You must *** your credit card into the
bank machine.
a) insert
b) enable
c) consult
d) assist

How does the Duke of York become King George VI of England?
a) He’s the oldest son.
b) His father chooses him.
c) His older brother chooses not to be king.
d) He no longer stammers.

Tea is a/an *** to coffee.
a) heir
b) defect
c) constitute
d) alternative 

Kung Fu Panda 2

Because Po is fat, his friends call him *** .
a) tubby
b) awesome
c) trivial
d) persuasive

Why do the wolf soldiers steal the metal?
a) to make cannons
b) to sell it
c) to make a big box
d) to spill the beans

The very center or heart is the *** .
a) phase
b) prosperity
c) core
d) current

How does Po finally win the battle with Shen?
a) He finds inner peace.
b) He becomes the best martial arts master in the land.
c) He blocks Shen’s escape.
d) His parents help him.

To practice martial arts, you’ll need to *** .
a) purchase
b) foil
c) focus
d) consult

L.A. Story

Postcard from L.A. for ESL assessment for whole-movie lesson for L.A.StoryWhat kind of food do L.A. restaurants serve?
a) fast food
b) Mexican
c) all American
d) California Cuisine

a) share driving chores
b) international police group
c) place to wash the car
d) buy a car together

Talk about the weather or sports
a) backfire
b) slo-mo
c) hubbub
d) jabber

He’s snotty.  He...
a) has a cold.
b) has verve.
c) can have the chicken.
d) tries to make you feel small.

a) needs a toupee
b) ready for Halloween
c) brainy
d) unscramble

La La Land

The *** of wealth is a common topic of economics.Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:MoviesGrowEnglish:_MGE-Root:Image:FilmShot:LaLaLand:AtThePiano.jpg
a) option
b) context
c) distribution
d) achromatopsia

At Lipton’s Nightclub, Sebastion is fired because
a) he has a low perspective of popular music.
b) he has a high perspective of popular music.
c) he has a low perspective of jazz.
d) Bill, the club owner, has a high perspective of jazz.

As soon as he bought the car, he realized he had been *** .
a) shanghaied
b) franchised
c) hijacked
d) ripped off

What is the underlying reason Seb and Mia can’t find lasting romance?
a) They fight too much.
b) Their career paths are different.
c) She goes to Paris.
d) Seb can’t hold on to a job.

Many people want to go to Mars,
but it’s probably just a ***
a) bucket list
b) gig
c) shot
d) pipe dream

Last of the Mohicans

Map of early America for ESL lesson for Last of the MohicansPay the levy.
a) tax
b) wampum
c) crown
d) jig

Cora falls in love with
a) Duncan
b) Hawkeye
c) Colonel Munroe
d) Albany

a) old English for can
b) lively Irish folk dance
c) family
d) Indian money

How do the British feel about the Colonists (Americans)?
a) They respect them.
b) They use them.
c) They don't need them.
d) They help them.

a) good guy
b) bad guy
c) clown
d) grey hair

Life of Pi

Approachable means easy to *** .
a) concentrate
b) understand
c) endure
d) overwhelm

Pi's family leaves India for Canada because . . .
a) they have to sell the zoo.
b) they want to relocate the zoo.
c) Pi's father owes too much money.
d) Pi's uncle recommends it.

The cook was "resourceful".
a) able to solve difficult problems
b) understood the pain of others
c) sure to succeed
d) beautiful to see

In the end, why does Pi change his story to the Japanese?
a) They don't understand the first story.
b) They want Pi to tell them how the ship sank.
c) They want to know what happened to Richard Parker.
d) They want a story they can believe.

Ability to survive means *** .
a) deliverance
b) carnivore
c) exertion
d) endurance


Movie poster for The film, The Croods for ESL lessonMake a small change.
a) dither
b) tweak
c) taper off
d) leverage

Why does Eddie probably take the first NZT pill?
a) He has nothing to lose.
b) He wants to win Lindy back.
c) He needs to outsmart Gennady.
d) He needs to impress Van Loon.

The boys in the kitchen are calling it NZT 48. What is the kitchen?
a) a laboratory
b) a kitchen
c) a safe house
d) door number three

How does Eddie finally outsmart Van Loon?
a) He takes most of his money.
b) He ruins the big merger.
c) He consults the Delphic Oracle.
d) He learns to be smart without NZT.

When nothing can hurt you, you are *** .
a) down the hatch
b) invincible
c) a manifesto
d) polished

Little Miss Sunshine

Using heroin is not considered *** behavior.
a) appropriate
b) grave
c) unrequited
d) lollygagging

Why does the family travel to Redondo Beach.
a) vacation
b) talent competition
c) Dad Hoover's job
d) to bury Grandpa Hoover

If it is worth trying, give it a *** .
a) chamomile
b) shot
c) schedule
d) consolation

Which person teaches Olive her dance routine?
a) grandpa
b) dad
c) brother
d) uncle

You should pour everything into the *** of your dreams.
a) accumulation
b) refuge
c) category
d) pursuit 

The Lone Ranger

Saginaw Grant, American Indian for ESL lesson for The Lone RangerBusiness people often meet to *** a deal.
a) stage
b) negotiate
c) endeavor
d) prosecute

How does old-man Collins help Butch Cavendish?
a) He is a traitor to Texas Ranger Dan Reid.
b) He shoots Rebecca and Danny.
c) He buries John Reid (The Lone Ranger).
d) He drinks too much wiskey.

In the hot desert, having enough water is *** .
a) scrimshaw
b) effective
c) hostile
d) imperative

What is Railroad man, Latham Cole's fate?
a) Tonto hits him with a shovel.
b) He dies in the battle agsinst the Comanche Indians.
c) Army Captin Jay Fuller shoots him.
d) He dies in a train accident.

Tonto helped told John Reid, "never take off the mask," and helped him to *** into the Lone Ranger.
a) trespass
b) evolve
c) retreat
d) assume

Lord of War

When the new idea doesn’t work, one might *** to a previous idea.
a) convolute
b) deplete
c) comply
d) revert

How does the U.S. military accidently help Yuri?
a) They leave behind their old munitions.
b) Once the Cold War ends, they sell him their old munitions.
c) They introduce Yuri to Simeon Weisz.
d) They don’t help him.

Yuri *** the military needs of African dictators.
a) exploits
b) rigs
c) tails
d) inherits

How does Vitaly die?  He tries to . . .
a) procure the diamonds.
b) prevent a massacre.
c) disown Andre Baptiste Junior.
d) blow over a munitions truck.

*** diamonds are often made of zirconium.
a) ancillary
b) notarized
c) heist
d) phony

The Lost Boys

It takes a lot of *** to come up with a new idea.
a) Twisted Sister
b) imagination
c) triumph
d) scope

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:logo100.jpgWhy does the family move to Santa Carla?
a) to start a new life
b) so Lucy could find a job
c) to look for vampires
d) b and c

After all these years, iPhones are still *** .
a) hot
b) crawling
c) maximum
d) dedicated

Why does David offer Mike the bottle of blood?
a) He wants to make Mike “one of us.”
b) Max told him to recruit Mike into the gang.
c) It will make him see the worms and maggots.
d) He gives Mike a choice to join the gang or be killed by Star.

Sometimes we must *** our problems and differences.
a) unravel
b) work out
c) wind up
d) stick together

Lost Horizon

As a candle burns it *** in size.
a) materializes
b) abandons
c) diminishes
d) corrodes

How does Robert Conroy arrive in Shangri-La?
a) He is kidnapped.
b) He accepts an invitation.
c) He is on a research expedition.
d) He comes to find the High Lama.

What is an example of a convenience?
a) electric dishwasher
b) hammer
c) spoon
d) TV

What happens to Robert's brother, George?
a) He stays in Shangri-La with Maria.
b) He dies trying to save Maria.
c) He returns to civilization with Robert.
d) He becomes the new High Lama.

Revert most closely means . . .
a) coax
b) encounter
c) vary
d) return

Immortan Joe's convoy. ESL lessons for movies at Movies Grow EnglishMad Max: Fury Road

Immortan Joe's army travels the road in a *** .
a) decoy
b) doof pattern
c) cavity
d) convoy

Immortan Joe and his War Boys chase Furiosa because
a) she takes his women.
b) she steals the War Rig.
c) she goes rogue.
d) all of the above

Before going camping, it's a good idea to check your ***
a) booty
b) detour
c) inventory
d) kamakrazee

Why does Furiosa return to the Citadel?
a) She has become exsanguinated.
b) Her family convinces her to return.
c) She decides to kill Immortan Joe.
d) It has water and green.

By the end, Nux goes from being a hostile to a/an *** to Furiosa.
a) asset
b) gratitude
c) fodder
d) initiate

The Martian

Since the sun rises every morning, it’s safe to *** it will rise tomorrow.
a) secure
b) presume
c) detect
d) estimate

Commander Melissa Lewis abandons Mark Watney on Mars because
a) she has a complete loss of signal on him.
b) she can’t find him.
c) the MAV is about to tip over.
d) he was struck by debris and killed.

When writing an essay, it’s best to avoid being *** because it’s boring to read the same thing twice.
a) transparent
b) organic
c) nominal
d) redundant

The U.S. asks the Chinese Space Agency to help save Mark because
a) it shows a spirit of cooperation between the two countries.
b) Mitch Henderson secretly sends the Purnell Maneuver to the
c) Only the Chinese rocket can reach Mars.
d) The U.S. resupply mission fails.

The color of Mars is *** red.
a) incrementally
b) simultaneously
c) predominantly
d) viably

Matchstick Men

Slang word for psychiatrist
a) shrink
b) matchstick man
c) wiz
d) quack

Blended Learning image for ESLRoy's favorite food seems to be ***
a) pizza
b) pasta
c) tuna
d) pygmies
Angela didn't get her share of the money.
a) clean slate
b) bogus
c) cut
d) Gs

Some children are very hyper.
a) unhealthy
b) wiz
c) energetric
d) piqued

What is Angela's favorite ice cream flavor?
a) New York Super Fudge Chunk
b) New York Super Chocolate Fudge
c) Chocolate Chip Rocky Road
d) Neopolitan Chocolate Tuna

The Matrix

The person I work with is my *** .
a) contact
b) milieu
c) server
d) colleague

Why do the robots enslave the humans?
a) They use them as batteries.
b) They use their brains to store memory.
c) They eat them.
d) They put them to work.

Morpheus must *** Neo of his true reality.
a) sever
b) saturate
c) interpret
d) convince

What does Smith want from Cypher?
a) Neo
b) the location of Zion
c) to re-enter the Matrix
d) access code to the Zion mainframe

A certain future is *** .
a) a coincidence
b) irrelevant
c) virtual
d) inevitable

Million Dollar Baby

Boxing gloves for ESL lesson for Million Dollar Baby, whole movie lessonCoagulant
a) disagreement
b) danger
c) an uneducated person
d) stops the bleeding

The Hit Pit is a *** .
a) boxing ring
b) car wash
c) breakfast cereal
d) gym

Frankie thinks Maggie is *** .
a) pigheaded
b) girlie tough
c) golden glove
d) an Irish poet

Who is Mo Cuishle?
a) Maggie
B) Scrap
C) Frankie
d) Danger

Mortgage is a kind of *** .
a) food
b) debt
c) boxing glove
d) velcro

Much Ado About Nothing

Don John is a turncoat.
a) ditty
b) traitor
c) obstinate
d) dotard

Higher-Level Whole-Movie Lessons book cover for Movies Grow English ESL lessons using popular filmsHero is truly a maid.
a) virgin
b) house cleaner
c) mark
d) nonny

Do you have no stomach?
a) Did you have an operation?
b) Are you sick?
c) Are you a coward?
d) Aren't you hungry?

For man is a giddy thing.
a) horseman
b) silly
c) sad
d) pernicious

Beatrice's wit is like  *** .
a) revelry
b) counterfeit
c) sheep's gut
d) poniards


Student’s classmates may commonly be referred to as their *** .
a. peers
b. probations
c. abominations
d. monitors

Why does Mac reluctantly decide to “call the cops”.
Neighbors Assessmentsa. He thinks the call is anonymous.
b. Teddy is too patronizing.
c. He plans to infiltrate Delta Psi Beta.
d. The situation has escalated.

When children are ***, they may be reprimanded.
a. out of line
b. exhausted
c. knuckle sandwich
d. hilarious

At the end, why does Delta Psi Beta decide to have the big rave party?
a. They are no longer on probation.
b. Teddy wants his name on the wall.
c. Mac and Teddy finally make peace.
d. They believe they are no longer on probation.

It’s *** to think that there really is a man in the moon.
a. sarcastic
b. prestigious
c. cheesy
d. ludicrous

The New World

In the New World, the men must *** on each other.
a) rely
b) assure
c) bestow
d) dote

Why does Captain Newport pardon Captain Smith?
a) He is innocent.
b) The men persuade him to.
c) He needs every man.
d) The young woman begs for his freedom.

On the double
a) twice as much
b) twice as fast
c) twice as many
d) none of the above

Why does the young woman probably marry the tobacco farmer, John Rolfe?
a) He has money.
b) He is strong and kind.
c) He forces her to.
d) Her father will respect her.

The King *** the young woman to come to England.
a) discloses
b) presumes
c) denotes
d) requires


New York Stories, Part 3

Sheldon feels ashamed and foolish.
a) tied up
b) astonishing
c) bizarre
d) humiliated

His mother gives him a hard  time.
a) trouble
b) shushing
c) let down
d) cyanide

Our vacation was a bust.
a) failure
b) astonishing
c) bizarre
d) drudgery

How does Sheldon's mother finally turn up?
a) return
b) go into the sky
c) get bigger
d) rotate

Nobody can *** the mysteries of the universe.
a) dismember
b) fathom
c) humiliate
d) molecules

Nim’s Island

Black and blue abstract film strip for ESL learningPerhaps, Alexandra is ‘not playing with a full deck’.
a) She’s a bad card player.
b) She’s a little crazy.
c) She can’t swim.
d) Her ship is sinking.

What is Jack’s occupation?
a) scientist
b) explorer
c) writer
d) sailor

Name the medicine for a snakebite.
a) antidote
b) sarcophagus
c) nanoplankton
d) pus

How does Nim save the island from the tourists?
a) She uses the flying dragons.
b) Alex Rover helps her.
c) Selkie stinks them out.
d) She accidently starts the volcano.

To take something away from someone.
a) erupt
b) scavenger hunt
c) bury my lollies
d) confiscate

The Notebook

Allison's mother *** when she tells Lon where Allie is hiding.
a) spills the beans
b) gets cold feet
c) is fit as a fiddle
d) is light on her feet

Why does Noah climb the Ferris Wheel? 
To . . .
a) get a date with Allie
b) prove his bravery
c) succeed as gloriously as anyone
   who ever lived
d) impress Frank, his father

When Noah takes Allie on the boat on the water,
the view is *** .
a) sensational
b) gorgeous
c) spectacular
d) all of the above

Why does Duke read to Allie?
a) to help her feel better
b) so she can remember
c) to pass the time
d) because he knows he is going to die

Unfortunately, Allie's medical condition is *** .
a) degenerative
b) sophisticated
c) in full arrest
d) devastated

 Now you See Me Now You Don't

As England leaves the Europen Union, they *** the old trade agreements and create new ones.
a) cease and desist
b) kick to the curb
c) dismantle
d) access

What do the Four Horsemen find in the locked room.
a) Blueprints for three magic tricks.
b) A vendetta against FBI Agent Rhodes.
c) A tenner.
d) Two sleight-of-hand manacles.

When you are afraid of change *** may be required.
a) egg on the face
b) a bug
c) pulling of strings
d) a leap of faith

Who is Lionel Shrike?
a) Dylan Rhodes’ father.
b) A friend of Thaddeus Bradley.
c) A naysayer of the Four Horsemen.
d) An imaginary person.

In business, it is not uncommon to *** a product for financial gain.
a) involve
b) distinguish
c) exploit
d) fawn

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Banjo player for ESL lesson for O Brothere, Where Art ThouAcme
a) skin problem
b) highest point
c) pomade
d) chump

This is a small opportunity. 
We’ve got *** .
a) hide and seek
b) ordnance
c) straight and narrow
d) bigger fish to fry

According to Delmar, the sirens turn
Pete into a *** .
a) honcho
b) chump
c) toad
d) brain trust

Pappy O’Daniel’s campaigh for governer needs a *** .
a) shot in the arm
b) bounty
c) gift of gab
d) lynch mob

What is the treasure that Everett seeks?
a) $1.2 million
b) $1 million
c) $400,000
d) to get his family back


Crop duster for ESL lesson for movie, PlanesSome things in life are *** and cannot be avoided.
a) inevitable
b) exclusive
c) strategic
d) previous

What is Skipper's big secret?
a) He made a bad decision at Glendal Canal.
b) He is only a rookie.
c) He doesn't have the endurance to fly.
d) He is afraid to land on a bingo field.

It is usually a big *** to achieve a big goal.
a) insignia
b) challenge
c) integrity
d) incident

How does Dusty win the race?
a) He flies high.
b) Ripslinger slows down for photos.
c) both a and b
d) neither a nor b

In the end, Dusty achieved *** because he was
the first crop duster to win the Wings Around the Globe Rally.
a) obscurity
b) radius
c) endurance
d) immortality


We should never *** our friends.
a) evacuate
b) abandon
c) transmit
d) restore

How is Ponyo able to become human?
a) She drinks her father’s elixer.
b) She licks Sosuke’s blood.
c) She causes a Tsunami.
d) She eats ham.

Ponyo needs to *** the balance of nature.
a) transmit
b) realize
c) capture
d) restore

What happens to Sosuke’s boat?
a) It sinks.
b) Ponyo makes it bigger.
c) It turns into a fish.
d) Ponyo has to push it.

Water is a/an *** part of life.
a) crucial
b) abominable
c) disguisting
d) doomed

Premium Rush

Bicycle messenger for ESL lesson for Premium Rush filmBobby Monday works for the Illegal Immigration *** of NYPD.
a) bar
b) unit
c) alma mater
d) compartment

Where does Nima get the money for the Hawala ticket?
a) three jobs
b) human trafficking
c) Wilee
d) Vanessa

Personal safety is not a/an *** for Wilee.
a) priority
b) route
c) menace
d) obfuscation

When Sister Chen receives the Hawala ticket, what happens?  She...
a) orders the Sudoku Man to shoot Monday.
b) helps Wilee get a new bike.
c) refuses to allow Nima's son on the China ship.
d) allows Nima's son on the China ship.

Monday's behavior is not *** for an honest detective.
a) premium
b) pedestrian
c) uncooperative
d) appropriate

The Prestige

If it’s not real, it’s *** .
a) solace
b) blackmail
c) fake
d) obscure

What happens to Julia, Angier’s wife?
a) She accidently drowns in a magic trick.
b) Nothing happens to her.
c) Borden murders her.
d) She hangs herself.

A problem situation is a *** .
a) cipher
b) misdirection
c) smear campaign
d) predicament

Who is Fallon?
a) Borden’s twin brother
b) Nobody really knows
c) Tesla’s assistant
d) Cutter’s assistant

To hide something, wear a *** .
a) manifest
b) smear campaign
c) display
d) disguise


When it is sure to happen it is ***.
a) required
b) mesmerized
c) inevitable
d) evident

Why do the humans go to the alien planet?
a) They don't say.  It's a secret.
b) They accept an invitation.
c) They find a secret message in the Scottish cave.
d) They want to investigate the contents of the dome.

To begin a sequence of actions is to ***.
a) initiate
b) isolate
c) articulate
d) disclose

What is the fate of Peter Weyland, corporate head?
a) He dies before the Prometheus begins its journey.
b) The alien kills him.
c) The movie doesn't say.
d) He finds the true purpose of human intelligence.

On the strange planet, things "went to pot."
a) were imminent
b) became sterile
c) terraformed
d) turned bad 

Pulp Fiction

Magazine covers for ESL lesson for Pulp FictionVincent and Jules are the *** hitmen.
a) designated
b) maintained
c) petrified
d) prodigy

What special favor does Marcellus ask of Vincent?
a) Find some drugs for his wife.
b) Have dinner at Jack Rabbit Slim's with his wife.
c) Take care of his wife.
d) Dance with his wife.

When the challenge is great, to succeed you should *** .
a) hold your horses.
b) take a rain check.
c) bite the bullet.
d) O.D.

Why does Marcellus want Butch killed?
a) He won the boxing match.
b) He stole the motorcycle.
c) He stole Marcellus' briefcase.
d) He lost the boxing match.

It's important when taking an exam.
a) foundation
b) concentration
c) accentuation
d) injection

Pushing Tin

He has no job.  He is a *** .
a) ballistic
b) stick up for
c) low life
d) babycakes

That *** was caused by a midair collision.
a) pushes tin
b) aluminum shower
c) scum
d) hoax

It’s late.  I gotta *** .
a) lay pipe
b) go ballistic
c) redneck
d) split

Russell Bell is a real *** .
a) spin
b) loose cannon
c) hoax
d) afterglow

The bomb scare is a *** .  Nothing happens.
a) hoax
b) wash out
c) split
d) loose cannon

Quantum of Solace

Three movie scenes from romance films for ESL learningTo make something happen, you *** it.
a) debrief
b) facilitate
c) wither
d) suspend

Who is Vesper?
a) Bond’s new lover
b) Bond’s murdered lover
c) Bond’s boss
d) General Medrano’s daughter

Not enough rain
a) rage
b) fingers in many pies
c) firewall
d) drought

How do Dominic and Bond feel about each other?
a) They help each other with the environment.
b) They hate each other.
c) They try to stop Strawberry Fields.
d) They are both in love with Corine.

Food poisoning
a) botulism
b) innuendo
c) collateral
d) flyspeck

Rain Man

You can get a California drivers license at yor own *** .
a) reaction
b) function
c) discretion
d) devotion

How does Charlie first get Raymond to ride in the Buick?
a) V-E-R-N helps him.
b) Charlie offers to take Ray to a Dodger baseball game.
c) Susanna asks him to drive the Buick.
d) Charlie kidnaps Ray.

At the hearing, when Ray can't choose between Charlie or Wallbrook, the doctor *** him.
a) compels
b) humiliates
c) rejects
d) assures

In Vegas, why is Raymond able to count cards?
a) He is autistic savant.
b) He has EPA disfunction.
c) He is on a roll.
d) He watches Wheel of Fortune.

A person who receives the estate from a will is the *** .
a) institution
b) beneficiary
c) collateral
d) conservatorship 


Water is an important natural *** .
a) mother lode
b) protocol
c) confection
d) resource

How Does Rango end up in Dirt?  He follows...
a) the hawk.
b) his shadow.
c) Roadkill (armadillo).
d) the Mayor (turtle).

The movie’s ending was not *** .
a) responsive
b) predictable
c) contagious
d) immutable

What finally happens to Rattlesnake Jake?
a) He shoots Beans and the Mayor.
b) He makes friends with Rango.
c) He kills the hawk.
d) The Spirit of the West kills him.

The town of Dirt is completely *** .
a) isolated
b) marginal
c) beneficial
d) complex

Rat Race

Get to the main idea means *** .
a) cut to the chase
b) blow out of proportion
c) out of the blue
d) wild goose chase

How are the six contestants selected?
a) They win a jackpot.
b) The register at the Ventian.
c) They accidently arrive in Donald Sinclair’s penthouse.
d) They win a gold coin.

The squirrel lady shows Vera and her daughter a/an *** .
a) crackerjack
b) siphon
c) innovation
d) shortcut

Who takes the $2 million from the locker?
a) Owen
b) Enrico
c) Harold (Sinclair’s lawyer)
d) Duane and Blaine

Good health is a *** concern.
a) primary
b) two-timing
c) dandy
d) random


Remy is a talented chef to his very *** .
a) core
b) surplus
c) cuisine
d) revelation

Chef Skinner from Ratatouille for ESL lesson for the film of the same nameWhy does Remy agree to help Linguini cook?
a) Linguini looks human.
b) Linguini will kill Remy if he doesn't help.
c) Remy needs to feed his family.
d) Gusteau tells Remy to help Linguini.

Colette says that with French cuisine, women are low on the *** .
a) design
b) proportion
c) scheme
d) hierarchy

After Linguini becomes head chef, why do all the other cooks quit?
a) Colette tells them to.
b) Skinner brings in the health inspector.
c) Linguini tells the truth, that Remy is the real chef.
d) Anton Ego hates the food at Gusteau's

Now Gusteau is a *** of Remy's imagination.
a) illustration
b) preconception
c) rodent
d) figment

The Rock

Al Capone image for ESL lesson The Rock, whole-movie lessonPlan B:
a) alternative
b) leverage
c) etymology
d) access

Why does the U.S. government send John Mason  to Alcatraz?
a) He was once a prisoner there.
b) He helped design its buildings.
c) He is a chemical weapons expert.
d) He volunteers.

To succeed in college, a student must have *** .
a) compensation
b) perimeter 
c) resolve                  
d) retrospect

What do Goodspeed and Carla find at Saint Michael's church?
a) a diamomnd ring
b) nothing
c) government secrets              
d) John Mason

*** sometimes means identify.
a) approach
b) detoxify
c) acquire
d) initiate 


Jo feels that Mike is giving her a *** instead of telling the truth.
a) flush
b) hassle
c) spiel
d) caveat emptor

How does Teddy KGB outplay Mike in Texas Hold 'Em?
a) He outplays him.
b) Mike goes on tilt.
c) He bluffs.
d) He reads Mike's tell.

Finally, Mike must *** to Petra that, at the Chesterfield, Worm is on his own.
a) vouch
b) divulge
c) grind it out
d) stipulate

How does Judge Abe help Mike?
a) He lends him money.
b) He tells Mike how he broke his mother's heart.
c) Both of the above
d) Neither of the above

A judge's obligation is to *** over a court procedure.
a) immerse
b) preside
c) apprise
d) consider

The Royal Tenenbaums

It is closest in meaning to incognito (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).
a) deductible
b) vernacular
c) anonymous
d) in confidence

Why does Royal tell his family he is dying?
a) Because he is dying.
b) So he can have a place to live.
c) So he can win back Etel's love.
d) He wants to bring his family together.

When filing an insurance claim, you must first pay the *** .
a) force majeure
b) authorization
c) percentage
d) deductible

Higher-Level textbook cover for ESL lessons using popular films at Movies Grow English.comHow does Richie feel about married
adopted sister, Margot?
a) He's in love with her.
b) He hates her.
c) He's happy for her.
d) He wants her to be with Raleigh.

An important gathering of people
is a special *** .
a) premises
b) status quo
c) event
d) element


A golfer will *** the putt in his mind before making the stroke.
a) shunt
b) identify
c) qualify
d) visualize

How does Niki Lauda get into Formula One?
a) He takes out a loan and buys his way in.
b) He wins the 1970 Crystal Palace race.
c) He gets hired by Lord Thomas Hesketh
d) Clay Regazzoni identifies his stature.

I'm not sure, but Formula One racing is *** the most dangerous sport in the world.
a) apparently
b) ignominiously
c) incidently
d) relentlessly

What is the result of Niki Lauda's auto accident?
Formula One Racecar at Movies Grow English a) He becomes disfigured for life.
b) It does not prevent him from from racing.
c) It probably allows James Hunt to win the 1976 F1 World   
d) All of the above.

Sometimes it is not easy to *** one's anger.
a) supress
b) contract
c) facilitate
d) precede

School of Rock

In a job interview, it's always important to *** a good attitude.
a) conduct
b) create
c) secure
d) maintain

How does Dewey get his teaching job?
a) Ned helps him.
b) He pretends to be Ned.
c) He sticks it to the man
d) He needs the money.

It's better to *** than to wait until the
last minute to complete a task.
a) bite the dust
b) get a leg up
c) ring any bells
d) low ball

What happens at the Battle of the Bands?
a) School of Rock wins the battle.
b) Another band wins the battle.
c) It's a tie.
d) The band does not get an encore.

Sometimes, when there is no plan, the best thing is to *** .
a) improvise
b) slack off
c) mooch
d) flake out

S e l m a

Dr. Martin Luther King was *** to make peaceful change.
a) enamored
b) legacy
c) malcontent
d) motivated

Why do the Selma demonstrators decide to march to Montgomery?
Edmund Pettus Bridge 1965, ESL lessons at Movies Grow Englisha) to end discrimination
b) because they are getting beat up
c) for voting rights
d) to deliberately cause an obstruction

A person open to new ideas may be referred to as a *** .
a) descendant
b) quid pro quo
c) liberal
d) segregationist

Why was the third attempt at marching to Montgomery successful?
a) There were so many more marchers.
b) President Johnson protected them.
c) A federal court ruled that they were allowed to march.
d) All of the above.

I’d like to help but *** .
a) I’ve got other fish to fry.
b) I don’t have any other commitments.
c) I’m too high on the hog.
d) I’m riled up.

Shakespeare in Love   

William Shakespeare wood carving for ESL lesson for Shakespeare in LoveTo be friends again after a fight is to *** .
a) break a leg
b) reconcile
c) oblige
d) put asunder

What is young Shakespeare's problem?
a) He's in love with Ethyl.
b) He's lost his muse.
c) He owes Viola money.
d) He killed Christopher Marlowe.

Willingness to perform a request is to give your *** .
a) consent
b) quill
c) beaker
d) requisite

Why can't Viola be with Will?
a) she doesn't love him.
b) She's engaged to Lord Wessex.
c) She wants to perform in the theater.
d) He is not successful enough.

Romeo and Juliet has had *** popularity over the centuries.
a) vested
b) crowd tickler
c) insurmountable
d) remarkable

Shawshank Redemption

Outside of prison, Andy is an important *** .
a) big shot
b) cold fish
c) nitwit
d) horse apple

How many shots are fired at Andy's wife and her lover?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

After fourty years, Red is institutionalized.
a) immutable
b) raptured
c) magnanamous
d) unable to change

Why is Tommy a problem for the warden?
a) He wants to finish high school.
b) He knows that Andy is innocent.
c) He talks too much.
d) He tries to escape.

Am I being obtuse?
a) shady deal
b) slow to understand
c) impossible
d) having no care for other persons

Slumdog Millionaire

Taj Mahal photo for ESL lesson for Slumdog MillionireIt is *** that Jamal was born poor.
a) fraud
b) approximate
c) obvious
d) bizarre

Why does Prem, the game-show host, think Jamal is cheating?
a) Salim is in the audience.
b) A poor uneducated person could not possibly know the answers.
c) Jamal tells the police he is cheating.
d) Jamal admits it to Prem in the bathroom.

Who *** the Mango Lassi?
a) cited
b) invented
c) considered
d) puzzled

Why does Jamal play “Who Wants
to be a Millionaire?”
a) He needs the money.
b) He thinks Latika is watching.
c) He wants to help Salim.
d) He wants to prove that
    a poor person can win.

A political leader is a/an **** .
a) emblem
b) accomplice
c) inspector
d) statesman

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:Snowden (2016).jpg  

Ed Snowden sometimes worked as a private *** for the U.S. government.
a) contractor
b) analyst
c) surveillance
d) geek

Why does Corbin O’Brian hire Snowden?
a) His computer skills.
b) His ability to differentiate PRISMA tatgets.
c) The army can’t use him.
d) His willingness to question authority.

If the U.S. government is able to arrest Snowden, he will have to ***.
a) call them out
b) go out the window
c) face the music
d) take the fall

How does Snowden extract the data chip from Hawaii NSA?
a) He hides it in his wheelhouse.
b) He becomes a whistleblower.
c) He smuggles it past secuity.
d) He collates it to his router.

There was no *** for the public disclosure of the FISA court order.
a) subpoena
b) precedent
c) clarification
d) trajectory

the social network

An idea not directly stated or written is *** .
a) algorithm
b) wild card
c) parable
d) implicit

Why does Eduardo Saverin sue Mark Zuckerberg?
a) He stole Edward's idea.
b) He pushes Eduardo out of facebook.
c) He moves to Menlo Park.
d) He planted his chicken story in the Harvard Crimsom.

Facebook has *** billions of dollars.
a) implemented
b) violated
c) motivated
d) generated

According to Eduardo, what was Sean Parker's biggest contribution to facebook?
a) He got them to move to Menlo Park.
b) He got them to drop the "the".
c) He got facebook in England.
d) He fired Eduardo.

In the end, Eduardo's shares in facebook were *** .
a) diluted
b) stipulated
c) devastated
d) postponed

Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki, director for Spirited Away for ESL lesson based on the filmThe work you do is your *** .
a) sludge
b) honcho
c) condition
d) job

How does Chihiro's family end up in the ghost village?
a) They walk through a tunnel.
b) Her dad finds it on a map.
c) They are kidnapped by Yubaba.
d) They take the train.
Lunch is "on the house".
a) free
b) on the roof
c) expensive
d) leftovers

What is Chihiro's final test?
a) Remember her name.
b) Defeat No Face.
c) Choose her parents from a group of pigs.
d) Take the train to Swamp Bottom.

A student worker is a/an *** . 
a) customer
b) klutz
c) apprentice
d) appetizer

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

A *** spleen can be very dangerous and painful.
a) ruptured
b) collapsed
c) flattered
d) swindled

Why must BB-8 be taken to Princess Leia?  To . . .
a) be reunited with C-3P0.
b) show the coordinates of the First Order base.
c) give Leia the map to Luke Skywalker.
d) complete a document held by R2-D2.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:maikuu:Desktop:MoviesGrowEnglish:_MGE-Root:Image:FilmShot:StarWarsAwakens:GrandFather.jpgWhen banking, sometimes it’s necessary
to *** funds from one account
to another.
a) synchronize
b) stablize
c) classify
d) transfer

In the final battle with The First Order,
how do Finn, Solo, Rey, and Chewbaca
help The Resistance?
a) They disable the shield.
b) They damage the oscillator.
c) Both a and b.
d) They kill Kylo Ren.

A student’s work must often be *** by the professor.
a) retrieve
b) renounced
c) evaluated
d) acquire

Super Size Me

It means not exactly.
a) beneficial
b) approximately
c) apparently
d) currently

According to plan, when must Morgan eat super size?
a) every time
b) when he's asked at the counter
c) only for dinner
d) on the weekends

A variation in one's diet is a/an *** .
a) impact
b) factor
c) change
d) assessment

After one month, about how many pounds does Morgan gain?
a) 15
b) 20
c) 25
d) 30

He crashed early last night because he was exhausted.
a) went to sleep
b) fell down
c) had a car accident
d) cut out fast food


Flynn Rider *** that Maximus doesn’t like him.
a) annoys
b) reverses
c) assumes
d) rejoices

Images form Frozen PowerPoint presentation for the film ESL lessonMother Gothel keep Rapunzel in the tower to
a) stay young.
b) clean and cook.
c) be her daughter.
d) love her most.

Good friends usually have *** respect.
a) mutual
b) cryptic
c) demented
d) impressive

What are the floating lights?
a) stars
b) the crown jewels
c) Rapunzel’s hair when she sings
d) lanterns

When you assume, you are
a) utterly sure.
b) confused.
c) sublime.
d) pretty sure.

The 3rd Man

It means around-now time:
a) contemporary
b) postmortem
c) terminus
d) protocol

Why does Holly Martins come to Vienna?
a) to help his friend Harry Lime
b) to learn how Harry was killed
c) to write his new book
d) to find Anna Schmidt

The dentist will *** your teeth.
a) examine
b) repatriate
c) scrap
d) penicillin

What is Harry Lime's crime?
a) murdering Karl, his porter
b) lying to Holly Martins
c) murdering the children
d) diluting the penicillin

I'm broke.  I need . . .
a) a doctor.
b) money.
c) love.
d) directions.

¡Three Amigos!

Most people don’t like *** tea.
a) watered down
b) streamlined
c) magnificent
d) stray

The Amigos come to Santa Poco to
a) make a movie.
b) get rid of El Guapo.
c) buy guns from the German.
d) be the Three Amigos for real.

El Guapo’s birthday party has a *** of piñatas.  So many!
a) cliché
b) formula
c) plethora
d) destiny

Why do the Amigos sneak into El Guapo’s fortress?
a) To kill El Guapo
b) To kill the German
c) To steal the Tuppan-601
d) To rescue Carmen

Good *** requires politeness.
a) intestine
b) etiquette
c) intellect
d) compadre

Tin Cup

Tin Cup is a *** kind of guy.
a) grip-it-and-rip-it
b) inner demons
c) armadillo
d) go-for-it

Privacy lock for terms of privacy for Movies Grow English website for ESL lessonsNonprofessional person
a) Tin Cup
b) stereotype
c) layman
d) bob and weave

David Sims hates . . .
a) bogeys
b) lay-ups
c) old people, kids, and dogs
d) Romeo

What is a crony?
a) two over par
b) two under par
c) a drink with tequila
d) a pal

How many rounds (games) in the U.S. Open?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Sean and DK are both pretty *** .
a) cocky
b) hooked up
c) responsible
d) chump change

Why does Sean move to Japan?
a) He wants to learn to drift.
b) His mother can't manage him.
c) His father misses him.
d) He wants to see Neela.

Think outside the box means be:
a) free
b) creative
c) smart
d) an outsider

Why does Sean visit DK's uncle Kamata?
a) to give him the bag of money
b) to kill him
c) to ask him for a job
d) to suggest a race

Cover Page for Whole-Movie lessons with Chinese annotations 简体中文 看电影,学英语It can mean advice.
a) wanker
b) kryptonite
c) turbo
d) pointer

Toy Story 3

If you have a good perspective, you ***
a) don’t smell like strawberries.
b) understand how things are.
c) go out on a high note.
d) do what’s appropriate.

How do the toys end up at Sunnyside Daycare?
a) They want to go there.
b) Andy takes them.
c) Andy’s mom takes them there by mistake.
d) They get taken by the trash truck.

I appreciate what you did.
a) Thank you.
b) I concur.
c) You’re off the hook.
d) You lost your marbles.

Why is Lotso so mean?
a) The movie doesn’t say.
b) He was replaced by a new Lotso.
c) He hates Sunnyside Daycare.
d) The kids at Sunnyside are mean to Lotso.

Children need consent from their parents.
a) authority
b) infinity
c) recess
d) permission


Training Day

Black and white
a) police car
b) zebra
c) Alonzo and Jake
d) newspaper

Let's eat some chow.
a) Mexican food
b) Chinese food
c) basic food
d) spicy food

Use your noodle.
a) Chinese food
b) finger
c) brain
d) male sex organ

The bad guys were incarcerated.
a) put into a car
b) put in prison
c) arrested
d) beat with a stick

Jack is a greenhorn.
a) envious
b) like cattle
c) homeboy
d) rookie


Car dealers *** the value of a car.
a) hack
b) appraise
c) suck
d) breach

What kind of car does Sam buy?
a) Camaro
b) Mustang
c) Mini Cooper
d) Ferrari

Gas prices are *** .
a) through the roof
b) bling
c) duck and cover
d) shallow

Who is LadiesMan 217?
a) Bumblebee
b) Megatron
c) Mikaela
d) Sam

Break it down means *** .
a) housework
b) stalk
c) explain the details
d) kick ass

Tropic Thunder

Film strip for ESL lesson assessments at Movies Grow EnglishA Spanish word that means quickly or soon
a) pronto
b) cankerous
c) saucier
d) beaucoup

Why is Producer, Les Grossman, angry with Director, Damien Cockburn?
a) He can’t control his actors.
b) He’s changing the movie.
c) He has a bad haircut.
d) He loses his head.

Complete involvement is called *** .
a) insubordination
b) conjecture
c) accolade
d) immersion

What is Kirk Lazarus’ secret?
a) The script reads him.
b) He really can’t act.
c) He’s a white guy from Australia.
d) He was never really in Vietnam.

Many movie effects are done with ‘smoke and mirrors’.
a) pyrotechnics
b) revenue stream
c) tricks, not real
d) bag and tag

The Truman Show

An insurance salesman looks for *** .
a) brewski
b) prospects
c) coordinates
d) product placement

How does the Truman Show make money?
a) product placement
b) commercials
c) Christof does interviews
d) It doesn’t make money.

Truman is *** from the real world.
a) synchronized
b) enhanced
c) infiltrated
d) isolated

Marlon *** .
a) is Truman’s best friend
b) is in love with Truman’s wife
c) tries to help Truman escape
d) is an actor

A businessperson is interested in *** .
a) the synopsis
b) the bottom line
c) love handles
d) custody


When you estimate the future, you make a *** .
a) schematic
b) strategy
c) projection
d) design

How does Dewey lose control of train engine 777?
a) He does not connect the brake.
b) He puts the throttle on high.
c) He falls down.
d) All of the above.

If it is important, it has high *** .
a) priority
b) focus
c) procedure
d) dynamic

At the elevated curve, how does Frank finally slow the train down?
a) He uncouples the locomotive.
b) He sets the air brakes on the train cars.
c) He puts the train in reverse.
d) All of the above.

A GPS helps find your *** .
a) focus
b) location
c) procedure
d) collateral


It means a little help.
a) fabricate
b) take advantage
c) assistance
d) hoist

Why does Charles Muntz fly to South America?
a) to set off on a great adventure
b) to prove his fossil is not a fabrication
c) to find Paradise Falls
d) to escape from civilization

I don't have any free time.  I'm *** .
a) inhospitable
b) occupied
c) obliged
d) beyond the call of duty

Why does Carl Fredricksen go to South America?  To find:
a) Kevin the bird
b) Charles Muntz
c) Paradise Falls
d) Dug the dog

"Spit it out!" means:
a) speak                     
b) spit
c) show what you are hiding
d) Jiminy Cricket

V for Vendetta

Guy Fawkes masks for ESL lesson for the film, V for VendettaExact:
a) chain of events
b) precise
c) principle
d) attribute

Why does V  always wear a mask?
a) to hide his true identity
b) because his face was burned in a fire
c) so Evey won't know if he's handsome
d) to make fun of Guy Fawkes

Adequate means:
a) compliance
b) enough
c) vicarious
d) random

Who blows up the Parliament building?
a) Evey
b) Inspector Finch
c) V
d) Adam Sutler

At the scene of a crime, detectives do *** research.
a) forensics
b) surveillance
c) random
d) insidious

Vertical Limit

When you take a close look, you *** it.
a) expose
b) assess
c) coordinate
d) vacillate

Why does Peter come to the K2 base camp?
a) His partner breaks a leg.
b) He is photographing mountain climbers.
c) He wants to see Annie, his sister.
d) He needs to rescue Annie.

Where you are:
a) manifest
b) feed
c) agenda
d) location

How does Montgomery Wick die?
a) avalanche
b) He cuts the rope.
c) edema
d) He doesn't die.

A lunatic is a:
a) full moon
b) prick
c) crazy person
d) spindrift

A Walk in the Clouds

This weekend, I'm *** to the wine country.
a) bounding
b) heading
c) coming around
d) maneuvering

Why can't Paul marry Victoria?
Grape Stomping for ESL movie lesson for A Walk in the Clouds film a) He's married.
b) Her father won't allow it.
c) She is not in love with him.
d) The vinyard burns down.

Victoria's mother believes that her father will "come around".
a) say "goodnight" to Victoria and Paul
b) make a commitment
c) deceive Paul
d) change his mind

Why does Victoria believe she can't marry Paul?
a) Her father wouldn't allow it.
b) She doesn't really love Paul.
c) He walks out on her.
d) She's pregnant.

Before Paul serenades Victoria, Don Pedro gives the *** .
a) translation
b) signal          
c) bounty
d) commotion

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

A person you look to for advice is a/an *** .
a) icon
b) no-brainer
c) mentor
d) anomaly

Why does Jake introduce himself to Gekko?
a) He likes Gekko’s book-signing speech.
b) He plans to marry Gekko’s daughter.
c) He needs Gekko’s help.
d) He wants to join Gekko’s firm.

You are at the *** when a small change causes a big change.
a) severance
b) tipping point
c) default
d) leverage

What does Gekko do with Winnie’s inheritance money?
a) He gives it to her.
b) He gives it to Jake.
c) He doesn’t do anything with it.
d) He steals it.

Lower-Level textbook cover page and table of contents for ESL film lessons at Movies Grow EnglishWhen something is required it is *** .
a) unprecedented
b) malignant
c) ironic
d) mandatory


Secret information may be *** .
a) virtual
b) irrelevant
c) classified
d) confined

Who cannot move under their own power?
b) EVE
c) the humans

The Captain *** AUTO.
a) verified
b) activated
c) terminated
d) evaluated

Why is the green plant important?
a) It can help AUTO.
b) It helps the humans lose weight.
c) It means the humans can go home.
d) The Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator needs it to live.

Back on Earth life had become *** .
a) distinct
b) manual
c) automated
d) unsustainable 

When Harry Met Sally

Harry keeps "bumping into" Sally.
a) meeting by chance
b) having sex with
c) colliding with
d) texting

Why does Sally fake an orgasm in the restaurant?  To . . .
a) embarass Harry
b) make Harry like her
c) make the elderly woman at the next table happy
d) prove she can do it

Scientists sometimes use *** evidence.
a) optimistic
b) vulnerable
c) snobbish
d) empirical

Where do Sally and Harry finally accept each other's love?
a) at a New Year's party
b) at Jesse and Marie's wedding
c) on a plane
d) in a bookstore

"Kill two birds with one stone" means:
a) just what it says
b) pass the statute of limitations
c) fix two problems at once
d) cushion the blow

Without a Paddle

a) stolen money
b) dead person's body
c) drunk
d) bona fide

What does the bear try to do to Dr. Dan?
a) eat him
b) feed him
c) make him hibernate
d) put him in the fetal position

a) goat
b) name of a town in Washington
c) elitist
d) like a redneck

Who gets the $100,000?
a) Dan
b) Tom
c) Jerry
d) the bear

Dan's allergies are all in his head.
a) headached
b) asthma
c) unjustifigurable
d) imaginary

Wizard of Oz

Dorothy's balloon for the ESL lesson "The Wizard of Oz."When you want to be sure something is true, you *** .
a) verify
b) incubate
c) cut to the quick
d) galvanize

What does Dorothy’s house land on?
a) a field of red poppies
b) the Wicked Witch of the East
c) the Lollipop Guild
d) the Yellow-Brick Road

What kind of song can put a baby to sleep?
a) ding-a-derry
b) lullaby
c) horse of a different color
d) air

How does the Wizard plan to help Dorothy
a) He shows her how to use the ruby slippers.
b) In his hot-air balloon.
c) With a great and powerful spell.
d) With the witch’s broom.

A sudden and violent act can be *** .
a) mediocre
b) vernacular
c) tedious
d) cataclysmic


In the jungle, the *** is the hunter, and the *** is the victim.
a) primitive, meek
b) glorified, diverse
c) predator, prey
d) duke, naïve

How do Nick Wilde (fox) and Judy Hopps (rabbit) meet?
a) Judy hustles Nick’s son a popsicle.
b) Nick assumes that Judy is a cop.
c) Nick articulates the realities of Zootopia to Judy.
d) Judy incites that Nick is patronizing squalor.

According to the press release, there are 800 *** of mammals in Zootopia.
a) resources
b) leads
c) deterrents
d) species

Who is behind all the trouble in Zootopia?
a) the sheep who framed Lionheart.
b) the sloth who works at the DMV.
c) the ram who’s cornered the market on Night Howlers.
d) Mr. Big.  He’s very small.Icon for Movies Grow English

Love is a *** ingredient to happiness.
a) primitive
b) shifty
c) key
d) diverse

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