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FORREST GUMP (1994)****
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(focus on life connections, mid 20th Century)

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Contains 14 movie quotes & 21 Academic Words (AWL*).
Tom Hanks stars as Forrest Gump, a simple man who is often at the right time and place where history is made.  He is inspired by his mother’s love, and follows an epic journey to college, Vietnam, China, and across America.  Through his innocent eyes, we see how America changes from the mid 1950s into the 1980s.  But always, Forrest’s one true love is Jenny (Robin Wright), his childhood sweetheart.  Even if she makes bad choices, he never loses faith in Jenny’s love.  With Sally Field, Gary Senise, & Mykelti Williamson.  Directed by Robert Zemeckis.  Winner of 6 Academy Awards.  Rated PG-13 (142 min.).  mike laib 2011


Classroom Tips:

1. Preview both the movie and its lesson. Lesson and movie are in the same sequence.
2. Within the lesson, decide which quotes, questions, and vocabulary to focus on. Highlight or cut-and-paste content you plan to use.
3. Estimate how you'll use available time for both watching and discussing the movie.
4. Remember: Most questions on the lesson are easy for a native speaker of English to answer, so the movie itself is the answer key.
5. Assessments are at http://www.moviesgrowenglish.com/Assessments.html.

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