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RATATOUILLE (2007)****
Ratatouille, Whole-Movie Portal for ESL lesson

(focus on inspiration to cook)

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Contains 17 movie quotes & 26 Academic Words (AWL*).
Remy is a rat with a great sense of smell and desire to cook.  Alfredo Linguini is a simple young man with a mysterious past.  All he wants is to keep his job as garbage boy at Gusteau's Restaurant in Paris, France.  When Linguini and Remy meet, they form an unusual partnership that helps both of them achieve their destiny in this amazing and inspiring story.  Bu wait! How can a rat work in a gourmet kitchen?  Remy and Linguini might need help from chef Colette and even critic Anton Ego if they are to survive.  Academy Award--Best Animated Feature Film.  Written/Directed by Brad Bird.  With Peter O'Toole.   Rated G (111 min.) mike laib 2013


Classroom Tips:

1. Preview both the movie and its lesson. Lesson and movie are in the same sequence.
2. Within the lesson, decide which quotes, questions, and vocabulary to focus on. Highlight or cut-and-paste content you plan to use.
3. Estimate how you'll use available time for both watching and discussing the movie.
4. Remember: Most questions on the lesson are easy for a native speaker of English to answer, so the movie itself is the answer key.
5. Assessments are at http://www.moviesgrowenglish.com/Assessments.html.

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