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WALL-E (2010)****
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(focus on the future of Earth’s environment)

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Imagine a sweet love story between two very different robots, 700 years in the future.  Earth is covered with trash, and WALL-E’s job is to collect it and organize it.  All the humans are gone.  EVE’s job is to look for life on Earth.  She comes from Axiom, a space ship where the humans wait to return to Earth.  They are so lazy and overweight that they no longer need to walk.  When WALL-E gives EVE a plant, and she returns it to Axiom, the Captain realizes it is time to go home.  But  first the humans must take control of the ship, and re-learn how to manage themselves and the planet which they abandoned so long ago. Academy Award, Best Animated Feature Film. Rated G  (98 min.) mike laib 2012.

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Classroom Tips:

1. Preview both the movie and its lesson. Lesson and movie are in the same sequence.
2. Within the lesson, decide which quotes, questions, and vocabulary to focus on. Highlight or cut-and-paste content you plan to use.
3. Estimate how you'll use available time for both watching and discussing the movie.
4. Remember: Most questions on the lesson are easy for a native speaker of English to answer, so the movie itself is the answer key.
5. Assessments are at http://www.moviesgrowenglish.com/Assessments.html.

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